Escape Room - 2

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There are actually different theatrical and online versions at the beginning and end (cover your face) Let’s go to the online version first, and then write down the theatrical version later

Flashback to part of the first part of the scene, a lady brings the little girl home, the girl returns to the room, the lady goes to the husband to negotiate with the husband. The dark man's room seems to be related to the game company I ran out of time, the lady went for a swim, and then the door of the sauna was suddenly locked. The lady told the camera to the gloomy man that she did not play this game, but she found a clue and tried to open the door with a magnet, but died because the temperature in the room was too high.

Xueba and Curly waited at the airport to board the plane and went to the game company headquarters. The Xueba girl saw her dead mother in the passage and ran out immediately. She still couldn't overcome the fear of flying, so she and Curly decided to drive to the game headquarters. Curly hair in the hotel had nightmares overnight. The roof was squeezed and could not escape. After arriving, they found that the building was deserted. The people who were seen on the mobile phone before Xueba girl were coming and going. The two went through the barbed wire and planned to enter the building. A man said. I can bring two people in, but I haven't eaten for a few days. I said that I snatched the necklace that the school girl was wearing, and the two ran all the way. The two chased at the subway station. The man looked proud and the two took a break. The school bully girl said that it was given to her by her mother and decided to get off the bus at the next stop. The two observed a man on the phone, a drunk sleeping man, and a woman in a flowery shirt. A woman with heavy makeup heard a strange noise from the subway at this time. The school tyrant went to see that the carriage was disconnected from the subway.

The first room: The subway car was powered on, and the handrail was pulled down, the coin was put in the machine, and a door on the subway floor was opened. During the time, I learned that several people were survivors who had played escape room. The little brother was locked in a submarine and caused eardrums. It was unfortunate that it broke. He held the electric handrail and the five escaped to the next level.

The second room: Five people in the mobile elevator of the Qianku said a little mourning for the man who just died The luckiest five people pushed open the elevator door and came into sight is the neat lobby A giant vault door is about to close in ten minutes and stepping on the wrong floor tile will trigger a laser beam (super sharp and can cut people) The drunk man is a little impulsive but whatever into the vault door

The third room: The tower defense in the cave connected by the beach. Five people ran out of the cave and found that they came to the beach. The beach is OK or a hologram, but the sand is constantly collapsing. I found the refrigerator passage in the hut. The school girl found the passage in the wall at the lighthouse. She said that the house will collapse into the sand and the wall is the real passage. Let everyone come quickly. I don't have enough time to fall into the sand and disappear. The girl in the flower shirt is trapped in the house. She ruthlessly enters the refrigerator. It killed him. The heavy makeup girl comforted her. They didn't even think about coming to the game company, but they were also trapped here. The sound of the car lifts the spirits of the two

The fourth room: The street pushed the manhole cover and the two stood on the bustling road and escaped excitedly. The woman in the flower shirt suddenly rushed out and said it was too late to cover the manhole cover. It was still a holographic image. The woman was shocked. The woman in the flowered shirt said that it was a strong acid rain that would rain after a while. The three of them tried their best to find clues. In the end, the school girl got into the parked taxi first. Struggling school girl flips out of car seat and disappears

Xueba Nv was shot and saw a designer in a glass room. She said that she designed it so Xueba Nv came to this room and saw those little details from her childhood. She wanted Xueba Nv to help her. When you go out to this transparent house, you only have three chances to enter the wrong oxygen. The tyrant girl will find time to see the design girl's drawings. She knows that the secret rooms are all designed by her. She refuses to help her because the designer girl killed the curly hair designer. She said it was her father. The gloomy man forced her to design and she had taken the curly hair to a safe place and showed him back to him. In the surveillance screen, someone suddenly put the curly hair in the sauna room where the woman was killed by the high temperature. After waking up, the curly hair began to solve the puzzle and design the female theory The domineering girl helps herself to unlock the room password. She can go to the father's room. The computer controls the curly hair room. The domineering girl and the design girl begin to decrypt the answer on the screen. Finally, she succeeds in going out. Later, the female and her accomplices put the gloomy father in the glass room and the two rushed to the curly sauna to remove the danger.

The designer gave Xueba girl the car key and asked her to rescue Curly. She would lock the door of the game company and expose the company. Xueba girl felt that Curly had already sent Curly to the ambulance and gave her the necklace that was robbed before. After falling into the sand, the person who was rescued gave it to him. He also said thank you to the police, the medical staff, went out and went to school. The bully girl said it was over. The design girl went back to the glass room and started to accuse herself that she didn't get the attention of her parents. She resisted but didn't. Using her to help her father kill her mother in the sauna, but being locked in this glass room made her even more angry. The gloomy man would only let her design but not give her freedom. The gloomy man yelling...

PS: The girl who plays the design girl is the little girl of "Orphan Resentment"

The beginning of the theatrical version: Xueba has been counseling for a long time and still can't overcome the fear of flying and curly hair driving on the road

same as decryption

At the end: The school girl turned over the car seat and met the first female soldier. She fell from the sky and was rescued. The game company asked her to design a house and solve the game. The clues in the puzzle are that she designed the two people according to her daughter. They escaped from the game company together and rescued the curls trapped in the water. The school girl who felt that everything was over finally overcame her fear and boarded the plane. She saw her psychiatrist and felt that the situation was not good. So this plane corresponds to the plane scene in the first ending. Game continues...

Personally, I feel that it may be better to combine the story of the designer and the final airplane story~~

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