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Jackson 2022-10-07 22:25:49

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"Escape Room 2" was originally a movie I was looking forward to.

I have seen "Escape Room 1", which is very exciting, tense and exciting.

Six strangers with different identities are invited to participate in the world's top escape room game in order to win high prizes.

But they found that there are many traps in the secret room, and there are many hidden traps. They are facing a real threat of life and death...

The six secret rooms have novel settings, wide-open brains, different characters, thrilling and exciting, and a strong sense of immersion.

Feels like Battle Royale/Hunger Games + Chainsaw.

But this time, I was very disappointed.

The story unfolds along 1, the heroine and the hero escape from the last secret room of the first part and become the only survivors.

As a result, the heroine committed suicide and insisted on finding out the big BOSS behind and bringing them to justice.

But found that the whole process is under the control of the BOSS behind.

They started another round of promotion championship competition with various batches of survivors...

There are only four secret rooms this time, and the emotional struggles and fetters between the characters make the design of the secret rooms feel perfunctory and foolish.

Not at all as exciting as a championship game should be.

The gay men were wiped out in the first few levels, so this is a feminist movie? !

The whole process only took more than 80 minutes, and the final ending came to an abrupt end.

I just found out that this is the third trailer!

I watched it for a long time and looked lonely.

As a result, when I checked the comments on the Internet, I found that there is actually a streaming version of this movie!

And the theater version is completely two stories and two endings!

In the theatrical version, Amanda, who was already dead in the first movie, appeared in the last chamber.

She said that the big boss controlled her and raised her daughter to force her to design a secret room.

After some choices, they finally escaped to the police station and called the police, thinking that the matter had been resolved, so they flew back.

Unexpectedly, I saw Zoe's psychiatrist on the plane.

At this moment, the plane broadcast sounded.

It turned out that all the previous secret rooms were a series of sets set up by Minos in order to make Zooey feel relieved, combined with the psychiatrist.

The aircraft secret room is the introduction to the third part.

The streaming version shows Zoe slipping into a basement after the acid rain chamber.

This is the basement of the BOSS house, and a woman calling herself Claire greets her.

She said it was her father who locked her here to design the secret room.

She thinks that Zoe is a smart person who can help her escape.

Sure enough, Zoe unlocked the code and rescued Claire.

Claire said she had called the police and all Minos staff were arrested.

At this time, the camera returned to the BOSS's house, and the daughter came back and communicated with her father through the glass.

It turns out that her daughter has been a sadist since she was a child and has a strong desire to control.

All the clues in this episode are things she wanted but didn't get as a child.

The mother saw that she had psychological problems and offered to send her away.

She killed her mother with the sauna she designed.

My father saw that she had a talent for secret room design, and was afraid that her terrifying character would kill him.

So he controlled her in the basement and asked her to design a secret room for herself.

After a long time of planning, Claire finally found a helper and escaped, and cleaned up all her father's forces.

He became the ultimate boss behind Minos.

This ending is really terrifying.

In my opinion, the streaming version is more in line with the first, more sophisticated and logical!

I don't understand why there are two versions.

Is it to make two bucks?

Can only say, the power of capital!

I don't know which story line the third part will follow, or will it still be split into two?

Still looking forward to it.

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