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Delmer 2022-09-29 00:25:06

The first time I watched Escape Room was the first part I watched. I forgot where I watched it. After reading it, I was hooked at the end. I went to Baidu. The second part hasn't come out yet.

Then I finished writing the dissertation and defending. During that time, oh, it’s not that I didn’t have time to play, it was just that I didn’t have the heart to play during that time. You know, even if you have time to rest when there are a lot of things, you don’t want to go out to play.

So after that time passed, I went out to eat and watch a movie! I watched it on May 12 (I guess so)

I forgot some of the specific post-viewing feelings! I just remember that after watching it, I felt that I was played by the screenwriter, and it was played openly. The heroine said that she let her go easily, which was unreasonable, and then the books and bags around the old lady reappeared, echoing the beginning, making me think the screenwriter is a little wrong? She said that all kinds of coincidences are too coincidental (cited various examples, I forgot the specifics), but other things are also very coincidental, why not make a fuss about other things? For example, why is the protagonist group so smart, each secret room has so many difficult problems in ten minutes, but they can always clear the level? This IQ and inspiration is outrageous. The screenwriter selectively mentions the coincidences he wants to illustrate the conspiracy, but hides other coincidences. It can only be said that it is a cool article, the golden finger can not explain

I am very happy and refreshing after watching it, I think it suits me very much, and I also like to play escape room. When I came out of the cinema, I also saw several advertisements for escape room, which made me think it was an external response.

Immediately after reading the text:

Private room experience, watching Escape Room 2 alone in the theater, the big 3D surround sound, the air conditioner is a bit cold, the door is closed, I feel like I'm really in the secret room after watching the first part and waiting for the second part, I finally waited to watch it It's over, hehe, it is indeed the movie I liked, it did not disappoint me, the team that made this movie is good, wait for 3 to come out

But now that I think about the ending, I feel that the screenwriter is disgusted and makes the audience play a monkey game

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