The Martian Logic of Thai Films Leads Humanity into a New Century

Ansley 2022-07-17 22:17:18

I can't help but narrate in Cantonese, I apologize for the inconvenience.

(The following content is spoiler, but it is really funny. If you are in a bad mood, welcome to watch it again.)

It turns out that the movie is really bold to the point that the big stupid elephant fell down the mountain. Anti-gravity criticizes the explosion of motorcycles, I will put up with you, I will put up with you if you fall off the bridge at 360 degrees, if you have to return to the bridge deck, I will put up with you even if you jump from the twenty-ninth floor to the swimming pool. Nezha's hot wheels are all buried? Even the real roaring dog can turn into a big stupid elephant. Movies are both creative and beyond human imagination. The most worthy of attention is the clothing design of both Zhongyou walking on the front line of the earth: sip nuclear red kraft paper cross-shaped combat suit, shell zero line nuclear protruding bust, Wu Lala with five flying cigarette clips to tie the ear MK look, mentally handicapped short Sleeve white shirt, diamond-encrusted pure gold toothpicks, Zhongyou imitation ironman energy heart, but the back is both an electric shocker, each shape challenges my aesthetic limit! Unfinished, even the characters are excellent, the translation uncle turns his eyes and ghosts are everywhere, the big guy in front (black, English speaking) just tightens, and he translates Thai to English in the back, wow, big guy, so uh Make Gan responsible first? Will Gan Jie's service attitude be too enviable today? The Thai language has already made the sound of feces and grandma. You are so funny that I am laughing so hard. I really think that Thai movies are really like Hollywood before...

PS should be The big stupid elephant was blown up by the bomb and fell down the mountain, and then Zhong Shi saved people! Dumbo is reborn! Amitabha! Buddha Appears!

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