This movie is really tiring to watch, it's all immortal

Vivian 2022-09-16 05:44:38

From the motorcycle chase, all kinds can't die. Don't you go down the alley? Have you been crushing people on the road?

No. 02 thought he died early, and was ravaged so many times. Finally, he appeared in the girl's arms.
No. 00 turned out to be the head. I had never noticed his bald head and this mark before. It is also very capable of playing, all relying on real work. In one move, he pinched his sister to death.
The wretched man with the bomb was not killed in the end, he just passed by in a flash. As for how the heads of state were chased by the killers, it was no longer important.

The most amazing thing is that Tony Jaa fell from such a high building, how did he survive and unscathed?

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