The look and feel of the dolphin figure skating kitchen + the realistic similarity recommendation of figure skating in animation

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As a painter and figure skating chef, seeing this is a little apprehensive, but it's not that I doubt the love and ability of the producer. The second dimension has congenital defects in the performance of sports themes. Regardless of the workload of traditional hand-painting, comparing the dance video of the same choreography with MMD, it is found that no matter how realistic the model material is and the finer the particle adjustment, it can’t compare to the dynamic details of the live image – the current computing speed is 100,000 rounds. Silk is no longer a dream (heaven's FF1 movie animation is crying), but it also lacks the subtle bends of real hair and the difference in the length of the hair tail; it's even harder to say that every fold and wave on the fabric, the texture of the skin shrinks with the pulling of the muscles. Expansion, running-in between multiple muscles or joints (this will produce a strong sense of incongruity if the model is not done well in MMD), and so on. Here is a comparison between the real dance and MMD of the same choreography: [Hilty & Bosch] Usher - Scream (*HB is the original choreography) [Jianwang 3/MMD] Lu Mi & Tang Sheng's Scream dance or flower Swiping videos can be turned over and over again without getting tired, because the amount of information far exceeds the audience's visual acceptance. This is beyond the reach of current animation production. However, the animation industry has developed so far and has accumulated a lot of experience in combat and sports. Not to mention idols, for production specifications such as ping pong, they use a very expansive and aggressive rough style to attract attention and add information from an angle different from reality. When I watched yuri PV, I didn't show much in this regard, and it was an idol style... But I felt relieved when I saw the first episode. The production is worth a year. In addition to the benefits given by choreography and the lens of God ( the choreography storyboard analysis post mentioned on the top floor of Ma), and deliberately emphasizes some small movements (such as the small swing of the skateboard after the ice is on, the blinding reflection that is out of reality), to ensure that at least one detail in a shot catches the eye. With excellent sound effects and highlights, Mr. Miyamoto's 20-segment arrangement should be able to ensure viewing without becoming a fantasy (laughs). There are 11 episodes to come, yuri, come on. ========================= 11.04 update chapter 5 painting look and feel =================== ===== The landlord, who was originally ashamed of this story because of episodes 3 and 4, was blown up by episode 5! ! ! The overall painting level of 5 is about the same as that of 4 and slightly better than that of 3 (no money means no money =_=), but the production team has obviously learned from the fp of Minami Kenjiro: 1. Use more complex or large-area reflections and flashes Fabric material that attracts attention. See Minami player waist belly and trouser seam side line, yuri shoulders. 2. Reduce the number of frames and emphasize shape and action. Morphing is still there, but eschews form and motion, reducing mostly facial and fabric detail. After the basic form is maintained, the 16-frame viewers can make up to 24 frames (which is better than the 24-frame twisted bar of Yurio in Chapter 3). 3. A large number of high-quality foot movement details are reused. The second point of improvement is particularly obvious. It is a model for upgrading poor paintings. Although it is easy to cause problems because you can't draw faces, you can only use medium and long-term perspective, shape and rhythm, but it is the best solution that can be thought of at present. Because yuri's fp is newly drawn, it collapses much more than the multiple-use sp action, but it is more durable overall. I'm embarrassed to say that I was moved to tears by the fp of "yuri on ice"... Compared with the perfect performance, this kind of show that lacks skills but substitutes mistakes into emotions and integrates every action with the performance moves me more . It was because of his 17-year-old Luo Zhu, who broke out in anger after a miserable mistake before, and the bloody Phantom who stumbled. This fp was touched by the full-field rendering power again. When I saw a topic thread in a certain forum asking for songs that were similar to real performances, I had the idea of ​​​​recommendation. =========================== 11. Chapter 6 and 7 of the 18th update ===================================================================================================================================================================================================================================== Many players SP+ FP broke out, and I deliberately saved it to watch it together yesterday. It's a pity that the two episodes were jammed with more than a dozen performances, and there was not enough time to allocate painting and desperately cut details. The perspective while moving is no longer important, and the sense of speed and movement trajectory are messy. (The worst part of the look and feel is that there is a long shot with a close-up of the head and neck in the SP of the lustful man. It is normal to run in ordinary sports, and it feels outrageous to apply it to sliding.) Male protagonist, lustful man, being dumped The FP of the male, the Thai guy, and the Chinese guy has a lot of ink and a certain quality. The passers-by and players just scribble it. It's so sad... Ma Pa beg you not to have such an intensive competition, and let you paint more everyday. Let's live a human life, we will wait for BD... ======================================================================================================================================================================================================= ============= ★For similarity, Samsung is full. E01. Victor "Don't Leave My Side" ★★[Hanyu Yuzuru 2015 World Championships FP - The Phantom of the Opera] The Phantom of the Opera is also considered a serious classic, and it is different from the gentle and sad style of "Don't Leave Me". The fit of Hanyu's set is that his image just interprets the sadness and nostalgia of a pure boy, which is very consistent with the animation plot. At 1:55, the fit is close to 100% after the song turns lighter. E03. Yulio's "AGAPE" ★★ [Jonny Weir 2008 Grand Prix in Japan] Jonny , who had not yet become a monster in the past, has a mix of juvenile feeling and natural softness that is very close to Yulio's, elf-like pure beauty Also matching AGAPE. E03. Yuuri Katsumi "EROS" ★★★ [07 World Championships Stieflanbill FP - Flamenco-Poeta (Flamenco)] When I saw this song, I admired Xiaolan to the ground, and the female charm was vividly displayed. As well as Xiaolan's body shape, performance mentality (the rematch has just been played after a long period of silence), lack of technical skills and rich emotions, which perfectly overlap with Yuuri in the animation. It was suspected that the production team made this bridge according to Xiaolan. ★ [Jin Boyang 2016 World Championship SP - Tango Amore] This Tango Amore should be changed from Jin Boyang's version of the tribute to the Emperor. The teenager's acting skills are a little less, and the upper body performances are not in place, but after the change of the 2:10 music style, the provocative meaning has become more and more intense. Jin Boyang was chosen instead of the classic version of Pu Huang, because he was still determined to challenge the difficulty of winning after the jump error at the opening, which is exactly the same as Yuuri, who used EROS to decide the outcome. E05. Minami Kenjiro★ [Fernandez 2016 World Championships FP - Guys and Dolls] Originally, Xiaonan's arrangement and skills should not be put together with Fernandez, and Fernandez's song is full of top Century American retro feeling, the style is not consistent. But the two have very similar relaxed and lively auras, and both have the ability to easily mobilize the atmosphere of the scene. If you can accept the genre, you will definitely feel the same charm. E05. Yuuri Katsuki "yuri on ice" ★★★[Hanyu Yuzuru 2012 World Championships FP - Romeo and Juliet] Put a private sale... Hanyu goes into the pit. It is also a godsend that mistakes are perfectly integrated into the plot. ★★★ [Lanbir 2011 ATSS Performance Skate - Don't Stop the Music] Révolution downstairs recommends this song by Mr. Lan. The costumes and even the details of the tie are the same. E06-07. Thailand's Pichit ★★ [Michael Christian Martinez 2015 World Championships FP - The Phantom of the Opera] But when I saw Pichit, I immediately thought of the shape of this Filipino player, and he is also the first Olympic-level figure skater from Southeast Asia , the suspected prototype. The Phantom of the Opera does not match the style of Phichit, but Martinez's The Phantom of the Opera is not so sad, and with his excellent flexibility, it is slightly relaxed and beautiful. The climax part infects the audience, which is also one of the characteristics similar to Phichit. ps If you are interested, you can search Martinez's information. He is a very inspirational player. E06-07. Sexy Boy★★★ [Plushenko 2001 World Championships Performance Slip-Sex Bomb] I couldn't stop laughing when I first saw the erotic performance in the animation, thinking how could there be such a shameful similar program in reality? recommend. When I came back to my senses, there was really a scene. The 18-year-old emperor released himself to play a muscular man after winning his first championship. This performance is so outrageous that it can be called a dance, and the degree of "indescribable" is not inferior to animation XD. ★★ [Michal Brezina 2013 French Grand Prix EX - Suit & Tie] It is said to be the prototype, the shape and hormone level are very loyal to the prototype... The real performance still feels more subtle than the animation, gentle killing. E07. Chinese Brother Ji Guanghong FP "Shanghai Spy War" ★★ 【Joubert 2007 World Championships SP - 007 Series Movies "Who Fights"] My favorite version of 007, the arrangement is very immersive. Piglet (Rubel) is purely technical, but his cutesy temperament is very close to that of the Chinese little brother. Two schoolboy killers. (laughs I’ll add a piece of personal stuff, one of the top three selfish male skating shows that hasn’t appeared in the animation yet: *** [Plushenko 2004 - The Godfather 】 Although Stuff said that the prototype of Victor is not the emperor, but the two have a very similar status in the sport of figure skating. This performance is simply the extreme of the aggressiveness and male hormones in figure skating... After the opening, the ice 4+3+ 2 With a handsome face, the footwork at 3:30 and 4:40 can be described as fierce, and the act of stepping out of ice flowers on the screen can only be done by the emperor. There is no sense of disobedience and only pride.*** [94 Winter Olympics - Philip Candroro - The Godfather] The same song, Candroro is an extreme compared to the majesty of the emperor. Many movements are novel and unique. After reading it, it opens the door to a new world. I feel, but this is the record of 1994...Texing Indie has seen this person for decades. "Candello chose Godfather's music for both long and short programs, which is unique. As a classic song, many players skate I've never heard of this piece of music, but Candroro really embodies the Italian's uninhibited, romantic and sexy" (from the figure skating bar "Qunqun New Directions").

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