Catching ducks on the shelves is also a way of working hard (including short reviews to chapter 5)

Evalyn 2022-07-20 17:13:12

This is the first time in my life to follow animation, first comment on Yuri on ice

*** Chapter 1: Another you in the world***

(Yuri mentioned in this episode is Yongli, who called these two babies a name :P I would like to thank the three sisters of the dog leg ice fan for the god assist)

Yuri is actually quite unlucky, the dog died, the game was lost, a good professional athlete had not seen a belly for a few weeks, and was inexplicably warned by an unknown person, and so on. Most people probably just enjoy the country life after returning home, meet childhood sweethearts, and then start cooking smoke, which is the ordinary life in Japanese small and fresh movies. However, the childhood sweetheart got married, and the idol suddenly broke into his life. For those who haven't read the comics, I think the next male protagonist can only work hard to improve.

Catching the ducks to the shelves is an opportunity and a choice after your hard work in a low period. Yuri is not an amateur player, and his ability to enter the international finals is evident. The disapproval of myself deep in my heart, and the love for skating itself that seems to be absent are all concentrated in one person. Looking at the capable people around me, it seems that they have also experienced this low ebb, confusion, and helplessness. Fortunately, there are optimistic and positive family members and unreliable friends.

During the low tide, the most fearful thing is to be seen. It seems that I hope to have an invisibility cloak to hide myself, and I don't have to answer the unwarranted care and incomprehensible inquiries of the strangers around me, but usually at this time, there will always be one or two incidents. A fate-changing thing. From the first episode, the male god descended from the sky and became his coach. Is there anything more exciting than this?

Wasn't all the previous efforts aimed at a goal that I was looking forward to. God put such a good opportunity in front of you, if you don't take it properly, the god of luck will be angry~

Come on, Yuri, come on, everyone who is struggling

PS: I actually wrote it for the sake of appearance So some words :P
and PS: Someone asked if the close-up of that ass is necessary? Of course, although I can't understand it, it must! Must! Have! must! want!
PS again: For the previous question, the cameraman did not have chicken legs +1

*** Chapter 2: The blessing of the god of fate, but also learn to fight for ***
Suddenly realizes that Yongli's worries and fears are not from the joy and excitement of Victor's sudden appearance in his life, but also the huge fear that follows when Yuri suddenly appears - Victor will leave him at any time.

To be able to stand on the same arena with the people you admire is probably something that people in any industry sound very excited about. And when idols come down from the sky and say that they want to be your coach and your mentor, they are definitely excited, but the huge gap brought about by lack of self-confidence will instead tap into the fear that we cannot be strong in our hearts - we are different, he is too strong.

The appearance of Yuri is a common fuse for all male protagonists in anime, but this competitor is not the villain. He is confident, domineering, and arrogant. He is another Yuri who avoids courage, and courage is also another side of Yuri. Yuri just wants to take away Victor, who just wants to win the game, but Yong Li doesn't know it, is a passive effort to drive ducks onto the shelves. When the bet between him and Yuri was set as Victor's stay, maybe Yongli dared to prove his inner needs, his real desires and goals.

What the layman sees is the routine, and what the expert sees is the doorway. Yongli imitates Victor's every move, but he is not Victor, nor is Yuri, I hope he can really have a strong heart while practicing his skills.

What Victor wants is to break through himself, what the two Yuri want is to find themselves. In fact, from this point of view, Victor and Yuri mean it is really good, it seems that he also hopes that Yuri can appear in Yongli's life.

I came to learn from him, we are all the same. The day after tomorrow, I have an exam, I have to work hard! Fighting!

PS: I agree with what a barrage said, Victor is an aphrodisiac for walking. I don’t know what he will think when he knows that the dog of Yongli is called Victor :P

*** Chapter 3: Don’t work hard in the wrong direction* **
Watched a hot wave on Thursday morning.

In fact, Yurio didn't lose, but he chose the wrong audience for that song. Whether it's gratuitous love or lustful love, what Yuri and Yurio want to conquer is neither the audience nor the media, but only one person, and that is Victor.

Yuri chose to love Victor as his grandfather, but Victor was obviously not; Yuri chose to love Victor as the man who captured all beings like a woman, and coincidentally, Victor happened to be such a person in reality. .

(The rest will be written after work :P)
*** Chapter 5: Sweet*** I've
been busy recently, so I skipped a sentence and went straight to Chapter 5, because it was too sweet, and in the end there was no ED, that's a confession What? So romantic, Yuuri is so handsome. My God... Let's

be together, if you love~ Don't you want to understand, why is the official father still hesitating? [Angry face]

After the exam, get off work and then change...

*** Chapter 6: If you don't love ***
or you are old It looks like I haven't had much time recently, but I feel that the rhythm of this episode is too tight. Yongli loves for love's sake, and performs performances, but it's not as interesting as when he was alone with Victor. Selling rot and selling foundation is not important, what is important is true feelings, I don't feel at all about this, it seems that I just want to explain a process to everyone. [Inexplicably, I really hope that Victor and Yongli can really be together. Isn't it a breakthrough to the story itself~]

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