The two Yuri who are each other's faces, looking for the real Victor

Maud 2022-09-04 17:02:00

Gangzhen, as an ex-anime nerd, as I grew older, I couldn't watch animations for a long time, but this animation touched my heart, it showed me that when a person is constantly striving for the peak, he can Discovered true self. I'm not a fan of figure skating, and I don't love sports works. It's just that suddenly, I can't take my eyes off this animation. Just finished watching the first episode, so let's talk about the first episode. Yurio is arrogant and willful, but persistent and serious, like a volcano that can erupt at any time. Such a person, in order to get the opportunity of Victor's choreography, had to perform emotions that he didn't seem to have, a flawless and selfless love, at the end of the successful interpretation of agape, he cried out in pain and madness, "This is not the real me, Hurry up!", the trembling of suddenly discovering who I am is truly heartbreaking. It turns out that behind all the arrogance, there is repression, and I can't believe my selfless love. As for the male protagonist Yuri, he looks tangled, lacks self-confidence, has a mediocre personality, and is boring like a pool of stagnant water, but he is alone behind him, trying his best to imitate idols to practice. When he got the attention of idols by accident, all the indifferences were mobilized by fatal attraction. It's not that he doesn't understand eros, it's not that he doesn't want to win, but that he has been suppressing the real self who wants to show off with all his might. In the end, he turned into a peerless beauty full of infinite charm, just to keep a person's eyes. As for Victor, a seemingly perfect, gorgeous and contrasting handsome man, everyone's idol, but such a person will also encounter difficulties and be confused. When you go far enough, and when people behind you look up and stare infinitely, the ego becomes the only enemy. What could he be like? What could he find out? With this kind of doubt, he came to Yuri with intuition. The word peak is far from ordinary people and very close to athletes. Most people's work is done, and the athlete may not be the first, which is meaningless. Peak is a lifelong pursuit for them, but it can only be pursued in a limited career. In fact, Yurio, Yuri and Victor happen to represent the three states of people in pursuit of the peak. Yurio is positive, he desperately wants to win, to cover up his fear of losing, Yuri is anti, it seems that he gives up first, but in fact he wants to win the first place. . Victor was already looking from the side, and there was no match for him, and it seemed that he was the only one who could defeat him. In terms of realm, Yurio and Yuri are far from Victor. After all, they frantically pursue external recognition and constantly question themselves, which will eventually turn into a war of staring at oneself. just right

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