What did Yuuri say to Victor in the first two figure skating matches?

Dannie 2022-10-21 04:18:15

Under the premise that this is a gay drama, I want to talk about Yuuri's feelings for Victor.

---The Emotional Divide---

Unwittingly, Yuuri fell in love with Victor early on. Excited to discuss Victor with childhood sweethearts (girlfriends?) and frantically collecting his posters to put on the walls of the room, this obvious girly plot full of pink bubbles I'm not going to talk about, it really makes me sure that this is (TM really It's an official one) from a gay movie, when Yuuri returns home and watches Victor's figure skating on TV, imitating him on the ice rink. That's right, the video that really caught Victor's attention and made him officially announce his retirement and decide to be Yuuri's coach.

Yuuri is a restrained and introspective character, which can be seen from the fact that his performance on the field is not as good as his performance in practice. He is not naturally suitable for expressing his emotions in figure skating like the two Russians with serious emotions exposed under the eyes of the crowd and the chasing lights of the stage. The ability to vent emotions and express passion freely and appropriately is an important factor in judging the success of this performance. In this exercise, or rather, the imitation, Yuuri's feelings for Victor can be cut from the half-sentence confession he blurted out to his childhood sweetheart after the end.

Is it weird? He confessed to his childhood sweetheart, how could he see his admiration for another man?

Original text: "I've been thinking, I hope I can get back the feeling I used to like skating, if I can get back the feeling of imitating Victor with Xiaoyou before... Youchan, I've always... I've always been right Xiaoyou..." (Note: The ellipses here indicate interruptions or delays in Yuuri's words, not omissions.)

It can be seen that after perfectly copying the last action of the idol Victor, Yuuri was dripping with sweat, his face was red, his eyes were blurred, and he was obviously completely immersed in his own thoughts. It was this kind of investment that gave him the power to move people's hearts this time, and let him regain his former love for skating. He finally confessed to Xiaoyou impulsively. My first thought was that he relied on his inner love for figure skating and Victor to support this imitation, and this imitation magnified his usually suppressed love. — or rather — released. But idols are so out of reach that Yuuri didn't even think about him. In the end, Yuuri subconsciously thought that his rare passion came from a childhood friend whom he hadn't seen in five years. Driven by this impulse, he confessed to his childhood best female friend whom he hadn't seen in five years.

But thinking about it again, this is not a reasonable explanation for the reason why he confessed to Xiaoyou. After all, wrongly identifying his sweetheart and ignoring his true feelings is the patent of the brain-dead and amnesiac hero in the worst romance novels. Very unscientific. A better explanation is that in this figure skating, the disappointment of repeated defeats, the despair of returning home, the wavering of life goals, and the disappointment of myself all combined to become the lava under the crater in Yuuri's heart. , while the radiant Victor on the screen ignited the volcano. So he impulsively ran to the nearby ice-skating rink, endured a torrent that was extremely difficult for a calm and introverted person like him, and used his favorite thing to do to vent his overloaded complex emotions - figure skating.

Yuuri fell in love with Victor, otherwise he wouldn't excuse himself by imitating his behavior. The admiration and deep inferiority of such a heartthrob almost overwhelmed this inexperienced boy. He didn't even think about Victor, and he didn't even realize that his admiration for Victor had gone beyond his fans. The worship of idols, because this worship is mixed with such self-esteem, so that he does not even have the courage to stand beside Victor for a photo. That person danced high in the chasing light, handsome and handsome, as if he was about to be promoted to the altar, making you feel that such a bad self seems to be crawling in the mud. This kind of unwillingness to the status quo, the faint and incomprehensible love, the loneliness that cannot be talked about, and the inferiority that cannot stand side by side, this belated pain was vented by him in a figure skating. In such an atmosphere, this outburst of daigo-like emotion was poured into the only living thing in the ice rink as if he was grabbing a driftwood. Whether the living creature was a man or a dog seemed to be less important—because all Yuuri saw in his heart was Victor.

Did Victor understand? You should understand, otherwise he wouldn't fly to Japan willfully.

Luckily Yuuri doesn't feel like he's stuck in the mud all the time, and after realizing his slump, he starts to catch up. "It's almost tired of being depressed all the time," he said. So many people are so depressed, the protagonist is the protagonist, and they wake up so quickly.

If it's too vague, or if it's just my generalization, then when Yuuri performed EROS, he already knew what he wanted for Victor. On the screen, a confession in his mind was about to come out, but he was forcibly suppressed by the screenwriter - nonsense, what's the point of confessing so quickly? !

A lot of people think that Yuuri's teasing smile at the beginning is very aggressive, but in fact, it should be a bitch... oh no, beautiful and teasing smile.

Wouldn't a smile like this be more appropriate on the face of a beautiful and conceited woman? (Of course, the little male protagonist laughs like this without any sense of disobedience.)

Yuuri told the story behind EROS. A charming man came to a city. Although he captured the hearts of all the girls in the city, he still pursued the most beautiful girl in the city but also the most indifferent to him. In the end, the man was favored by the girl, dry wood and fire, lingering sadness. Do you think this is the end? Do not. The prodigal son abandoned the girl and went to the next city.

Hearing that story, any female audience who thinks a little bit of self-esteem will frantically spurn that scumbag, and pray that they will never fall into such a trap. But Yuuri didn't. Not only did he not, but he also imagined himself to be the most beautiful girl when performing EROS, so that she was pursued by the most beautiful man. As for what happened after she got the man, who cares, Yuuri didn't care anyway.

"I'm not a beautiful man. I want to be the most beautiful woman in town who fascinates beautiful men," Yuuri told the teacher.

In real life, Yuuri knows who this beautiful man is...

Yuuri monologue: "Who am I dancing for? I know."

Even a boy like Yuri can see that Yuuri is definitely not for pork chop rice. Dance. If he can jump out of this feeling when he dances pork chops, he won't think he can't feel it until the last day of practice, and he won't run to bother the beautiful female teacher late at night, begging her to teach him feminine movements .

He is right. Such a charming EROS must imagine himself as a charming woman, and must fantasize about the man who fascinates him the most.

After a near-failure of a difficult move (that I really don't understand) Yuuri goes on to the truth, oh no, monologue: "Don't be nervous, this mistake doesn't take away from my charm. No other woman can compare to me...you ask. Why?"

I was dumbfounded. Why? Why? Writer, come out and tell me why? ! Is it what I thought? !

I know why! Because you are the most beautiful woman in the city, because you have got the most beautiful man!

Whether Victor understood it but didn't break it, or really didn't understand it, only the screenwriter knew. When Victor put his eyes on Yuuri's shoulder sharply after the game, I thought he'd say, "But, can I say something...is it really the pork chop rice that ignited your passion?" Or, "Tell me you I will always stay by your side." Or, to put it more bluntly, "Tell me that you love me, and I will love you as you love me..." (cover your face...don't despise my girl, I am a girl.)

What the hell did he say! So you really want to be Yuuri's coach? ! Too bad I thought... no no no, I didn't think anything.


---The dividing line full of emotions---

Let's just say Jiangzi for the time being. Seeing the ups and downs of the third episode, I couldn't help writing this. Alright, I'm going to watch episode 4, don't bother me too much with what's in parentheses. ///w///

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