Nice looking but could be better

Damon 2022-10-17 06:18:23

At the beginning of the twelfth episode, Victor burst into tears and I don't care whether he is in a hurry or not! I especially want to make a clip to put together the child's lonely practice in his youth and this crying scene. This is what I understand his "love" and "life"; he never lacks these two things, but he has too much too monotonous.


The tenth episode turns into this way, I actually can't accept it, the production team let go, and the timeless and subtle beauty of the first four episodes is gone. To be honest, although CP is not disgusted, there is a feeling of being deeply deceived. Sure enough, it was a love show, but I lost it as a sports show. 12/8/2016 Personal to Personal to Personal. Important things are said three times. "Yuri on Ice" is a cool show. Last night, I watched the ninth episode in one breath and fell asleep sweetly. The only regret is that I didn't meet Mr. Victor in my dream. When I woke up in the morning, I couldn't help but think about the plot of this animation. After a night of calm, the intoxication of dopamine on the brain is not so obvious. Although the "beautiful and powerful" protagonist and the beautifully animated figure skating make "Yuri on Ice" shine, the monotonous narrative and eccentric emotional orientation still make this work that instinctively "go deeper and farther" in the end Positioned as a sports love story that is neither awkward nor embarrassing. I'm not a professional, and I don't have any audience, so let's just talk about it from the audience's point of view. The monotonous narrative is estimated to be sprayed by many people, so put a lid on it first. What I'm trying to say here is that "the logical and emotional elements that move the story forward are a little thin." Specifically, the main logical factor driving the development of the plot is, "When the figure skating king Victor is the coach, what will his disciple end up doing? What is his final destination?" And the main emotional factor is, "Yuuri and Vic As the bondage grows deeper, what does the end of their relationship look like?" The two main factors are very concentrated and very unified. However, apart from these two factors, other things related to the development of the story have been reduced too much, and some delicate things have even been eaten. One of my thoughts is, "Where is Victor's pursuit of being a figure skater?" Victor discovered the "surprise" about figure skating after seeing Yuuri's performance, so he chose to be Yuuri's coach in a fit of rage; That is to say, he was initially confused as an athlete. It is only mentioned once in the animation with yurio's "surprise theory". But in my opinion, in addition to showing Victor's side as a coach, how Victor perfected this side of himself as an athlete as a coach should also be a powerful element in the development of the story. Maybe the production team wanted to write this aspect through line drawing, but in my opinion, the inking here is not enough. Another place to be eaten is Yurio's emotional bond with Victor. It's not that the animation didn't say it, but that it wasn't detailed enough. In order to become the king, Yurio's admiration, love and desire to conquer Victor should be the same as other kings of figure skating. People are different. The animation doesn't adequately represent this. So what we finally saw was more of a common chuunio disease yurio who made a special trip to Japan for Yuuri to inspire his skills and the love of eros, and less about his own identity and idol identity. Deeper awareness of yurio. This is deadly. Because of competitive sports, everyone is eager for gold medals, so it is easy to treat different and individual characters into images with different faces but with the same spiritual core. When I first met yurio, I thought he was so different, and as a result, I saw him on so many other players in various competitions. This is the flattening of supporting characters. Except for the protagonist master and apprentice, the contradictions in the supporting characters are almost always "I want to be the king but I am not the king." There is actually no problem with this approach, but in today's booming animation industry, the direction of the supporting actors seems too routine. And if the story is to develop, all the space cannot be used to describe the protagonist duo. Once the audience's perspective turns to the supporting roles, aesthetic fatigue will easily appear. Another is the "selling rot" problem that has been deeply criticized by many bean friends. In fact, except for Victor's beautiful body, which was caught off guard in the first episode, I actually adapted well to other parts. But the problem is that in a short twelve-episode animation, you don’t have enough time to ambush the lines and explain the relationship between the characters. Should you spend a lot of time describing some “intimate interactions” that are harmless if you remove them? I think The production team is not willing enough in this regard. The most important expression in the whole film is the action of pressing the head and spinning, which is very interesting and worth pondering! But things like pulling your shoulders off your clothes, showing your naked body in the bathroom, crawling into bed with a plop... Of course the audience will have pink hearts while watching, that's because the audience thinks in advance that even if there are these scenes, you have room to finish the rest of the story , but as I myself felt in the last paragraph, I feel that the production team did not finish the story elsewhere. Then, as an audience, I would rather sacrifice these ambiguities and listen to you tell about the behavior and emotional feedback of the supporting characters around the protagonist in addition to the protagonist, and those plots that can intersect, such as the light and shadow of the young yurio in Victor For example, Yuuri's relatives don't understand Yuuri's career in figure skating, but they are tolerant, and more, other athletes' understanding of figure skating and their own growth... I saw it in the animation, but you can do better , do more, do more unique. Ah finished! Anyway, overall, "Yuri on Ice" looks good

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