The man as elegant as a swan

Haskell 2022-11-21 01:34:18

The figure skater Yuuri, who was burdened with expectations from all over Japan, failed in the challenge and returned to his hometown. I was hesitating whether to continue or retire. One day, because of a practice imitating Victor, the prince on ice, I was recorded by my sister and posted on the Internet, which caused a lot of likes. Victor himself saw it, so the Russian wildcat immediately flew to Japan to find Yuuri, claiming to be his coach and help him win the championship. The challenge of the two kings on ice began. Viktor is the fifth-straight winner of the World Players Championship. A legendary existence on the ice altar, Yuuri has longed for Victor since he was a boy and has followed in his footsteps. Victor also taught him everything. Starting from the Kyushu competition, the two have climbed the mountains one after another, all the way to the national competition and the world competition. In the process of getting along day and night, the two gradually developed feelings that surpassed master and apprentice. Victor helped Yuuri meticulously choreograph a set of piano free skates. In the arena, when the dust of the last note settled, Yuuri's fingers must point in the direction where Victor was standing, and Victor's eyes never changed from the beginning to the end. Yuuri moved away from him, and the interaction between the two was so sweet and sad. The flowing melodies are forever frozen between each other as Yuuri jumps and spins again and again. At the end of the game, there was also an exciting men's pair skating. The two male protagonists are like elves on ice, elegant swans. This is the first time that I was moved to tears by watching the sports show. It is said that the theatrical version will be launched in 2021, which is really exciting. Because of the difference in physical fitness between men and women, the International Skating Federation only allows the partners of the pair skating and ice dancing events to be of the opposite sex. If it is two male partners, they will make more difficult movements because of their physical advantages, so as to get higher technical points; if it is two female partners, it will get higher art points. Due to the fairness of competitive sports, we estimate that we will never be able to see the same-sex pair skating performance in the international arena, but this drama made it possible, and even made figure skating a work of art, thanks for the invention The genius of the great sport of figure skating, I dedicate this document to those who love the legendary sport of figure skating.

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