It's still sports.

General 2022-11-06 01:18:46

I came here in the mood to watch Tanmei Manga, why did I not want to watch it back then? It seems that I don't know why the default is to sell meat, although the first episode's welfare is the motivation to watch it. After all, I don't really like figure skating at all, but in fact, I still focus on figure skating sports.

After listening carefully and watching all the character performances, I still repeat it over and over again hhh.

It is suspected that the two sides were unpleasant back then, and the sports fan was not flammable and was suspected of selling corruption, and for those who watch corrupt manga, there are too few emotional dramas and too restrained! ! ! This omnivorous food is looking forward to the plot to be more intense and more intense, and the emotional drama is daily sweet! Be bold in making and fall in love openly! I want to watch dating! My favorite, apart from Yuri and Victor's few interactive actions, is the ed egg that I almost skipped. . gosh

Characters communicate off the field and support each other to break through their pursuit of victory, the soul of this sports competition has come, and it is qualified as a sports fan. The music is good and the action is beautiful is really a lot of extra points. If the plot conflict is not enough, it is all about appreciating the picture. The animation draws figure skating very well. I originally thought that this sport is not very competitive, and the character setting is more completely not nervous and dramatic enough. A few people are quite capable and it depends on the performance. ,▔)ㄏ Lack of off-court stories and strong motivation, the 12 episodes are like a few people's figure skating championship competition, which is really peaceful. . . .

Each episode shows everyone a picture, and it feels more like watching a game, not a story. If some people like to dance with the same figure skating content, they can only say what it is in a season. . After 12 episodes, except for the three protagonists, most of the other characters are thin, and strictly speaking, the three protagonists are not three-dimensional enough (⇀‸↼‶)

So this is really too much content in the game, so many actions are almost forced to die for painting, and there are still a lot of painting collapses and cuts to cover up, so it’s not good to have more emotional stories of the protagonist and daily life. ! Ah really, the usual six-player competition and lack of drama really drags down the overall story, and it's just too greedy to express everything with just figure skating content. . .

The end is too hasty, and the second season seems to have been pitted! After so many years of technological progress, I look forward to the second better painting, and I hope the story is more complicated and more everyday!

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