The dream finally shines into reality, dancing against the wind on the ice

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Note: This article contains spoilers, please watch accordingly

Never satisfied, physically and mentally exhausted, close your eyes and tell yourself that your dreams will eventually come into reality. There will be no more darkness. When you believe in yourself, you will become invincible - Yuri on Ice theme song "History Maker"
History Maker

Today we are going to talk about a fan drama based on figure skating - Yuri on Ice (also known as "Yuri on Ice"), a very excellent work. It mainly presents the story of figure skater Yuuri Katsuki and his coach, the figure skating king Viktor Nikiforov (hereinafter referred to as Viktor), who competed in world-class Grand Prix and grew up in the process. Interestingly, there are two "YURI" in this work, namely Yuri Katsuki, a Japanese figure skating special strengthening player , and Yuri Pulisetti ( hereinafter referred to as Yuri) , a high-profile new figure in the Russian figure skating adult group . . Due to the fate of the same name and mutual rivals, and Victor's special relationship with the two, it triggered a series of subsequent stories.

I first learned about this work because I came into contact with the figure skater Chen Peitong's figure skating performance "Yuri on ice", but I didn't expect it to be so attractive. During the Winter Olympics, the two-dimensional ice competition is even more exciting. While enjoying the spinning and jumping one by one, it seems to be one step closer to the charm of figure skating. I also want to share some more interesting things here. the place to feel

01.Dream and distance

"From the first time I saw him skating, I was blown away"

Yuuri Katsumi has been deeply attracted by the Russian figure skater Viktor since he was a child. Watching the graceful skating dance on TV, he secretly made up his mind that he must become a person like Viktor and compete with him one day. embarked on the training road of figure skating.

It is a pity, however, that in the final race of the Grand Prix, which was burdened with all Japan's expectations at the beginning of the story, he finished last. Although Yuuri met his long-time idol Viktor after the game and thought that he could finally face him on an equal footing, the opponent only regarded him as his fan, so Yuuri turned his head and left.

With great frustration and confusion, he returned to his hometown of Hasejin, Kyushu, and hesitated whether to continue active duty or retire. With this kind of mood in his hometown, he slid a piece of Victor's specialty, and found that Victor came to the door one day and claimed to be his own coach, surprise!

After some turmoil, the two began to live and train together, intending to win the grand prix gold medal in the new season together.

In my opinion, Yuuri is special . His figure skating career started with idols, but he didn't just want to follow in the footsteps of idols, but to compete with him, or even surpass him.

This kind of continuous enterprising spirit is exciting, but what is even more rare is his desire to pursue equality without being humble or arrogant. Although there is cowardice and inferiority deep in his heart, despite his admiration for the dazzling him, and despite the excitement and anxiety in front of him, Yuuri knows who he is, he does not want to be another Victor, and in the process, he continues to deepen his self-recognition. Know.

The arrival of Victor brought a ray of light to Yuuri after the fiasco, allowing him to reassess the value of his dreams: " I used to think I was fighting alone, but the appearance of Victor changed everything. Everything feels fresh to me."

At the same time, due to his short career, Yuuri has strengthened his ideals and beliefs: he hopes to do his best to win the gold medal in the final of the Grand Prix in the last limited time, to prove his growth and give back to those who support him.

In fact, Victor played a crucial role in this process, because he was Yuuri's dream , and his presence brought Yuuri unspeakable power. Of course, some people may think that Victor's arrival is like a pie falling from the sky, which is not practical. But in fact, this is what the two of them attracted to each other and chose to achieve each other . It is because of Yuuri's dedication to his dreams, his ability to rush into the Grand Prix, and his uniqueness, that the opponent is attracted to him.

And the arrival of Victor ignited his dream again, making it no longer pale.

Undoubtedly, Yuuri is extremely lucky to have such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. However, in reality, it is difficult for us to get such an opportunity like him. At this time, we need to seize every opportunity by ourselves and take dreams as horses. Dreams always play an irreplaceable role in this journey. When the dream shoots into the reality, we can create a force more powerful than the reality, so as to reach the distance.

02. Love and Growth on Ice

In the process of competing in the Grand Prix, the two Yuri and Victor have achieved their own growth. Here I also want to share some of my own feelings. One is not to define yourself too early . This is what Victor passed on to the two Yuri when they collided for the first time.

That was when Yuri challenged Yuuri for the first time, with Viktor acting as the movement director, and Viktor had the two perform different versions of the same piece. As a result, two people were assigned songs that were diametrically opposed to their own style.

It has to be said that such a decision is bold and risky, and that failure is likely to cause great harm, but it is also very enlightening. In life, we often classify ourselves as a certain type of person. For example, if we feel that we are introverted, we are not suitable for activities such as hosting speeches. It can be understood, because everyone has the side of seeking advantages and avoiding disadvantages; but from another perspective, this is tantamount to denying other possibilities for oneself. Once you define yourself, you will probably no longer try to surpass your own abilities. things within range.

The performance of the two Yuri finally confirmed Victor's point of view: the seemingly cowardly and introverted Yuuri jumped out of the sexy and charming "Eros" uncharacteristically, while the eccentric Yuri also slipped out like a pure angel. Agape". So don't define yourself too early, and try more may also be a way to discover and improve yourself.

Next, I will talk about some experiences of the three protagonists growing up in the play by characters:

First of all, for Yuuri , the naked eye can see that his biggest growth is in figure skating. From the beginning of the play—a year ago as the last place in the Grand Prix final, and repeated mistakes in various competitions, to being able to make zero mistakes in the repertoire and breaking the personal best in the competition, it can be said that Yuuri achieved his figure skating performance. took a leap.

At the same time, the achievement of excellent results actually reflects Yuuri's inner growth. And all these growths are actually based on the care and support of the people around him and Yuuri's own understanding of "love". One of the hardest to ignore is Victor's trust and company.

"My job is to make you confident. No one in the world has seen your real Eros. Maybe it's a charm you haven't discovered yourself."

"When I opened up he happened to walk in"

From the beginning, Victor was attracted by Yuuri and came to Japan to serve as his coach, listening to Yuuri's voice and accepting the real him, helping Yuuri to discover himself, make changes, and inspire unknown potentials.

And it was also in his company that Yuuri went from closing himself to gradually opening his heart, from deep self-esteem to breaking free from the devil's net, becoming confident, sensitive and fragile to stronger and stronger in his heart... He understood that he was not alone, and began to have Have the courage to face your true self.

At the same time, it can be said that the perception of "love" is actually a self-summary of Yuuri for the past 23 years . In the past, he always closed himself and had no confidence in himself, so he could not calmly accept the concerns of those around him; but now, under the guidance of Victor and the opportunity of "Eros", he began to think about the meaning of "love" to himself. He found that he was not fighting alone, and that he had carried the love and support of too many people along the way, so he decided to challenge the competition again and repay these with the final medal.

When a person can perceive that he is loved, then he gradually has the ability to love.

As for the other Yuri, although he is still young, his growth is no less than that of Yuuri.

After losing the first battle with Yuuri, Yuri learned to let go of his posture, no longer thought that no one was invincible and despised everything like before, and began to calm down and keep his feet on the ground. Under the strict guidance and training of the former principal of the ballet, he gradually completed his transformation, dancing on the ice and blooming a beautiful and tenacious blood-colored flower.

At the same time, in addition to figure skating, Yuri gradually learned what his love was.

"In his encounters with people, he may gradually understand what love is and what is love to support himself. When people are looking for answers, they shine the most."

From the beginning of blindly pursuing the standard completion of the action, to gradually thinking and comprehending the emotional meaning behind the action, it must be said that it is a huge growth. At the same time, he has become more tolerant of others, and he has also cheered for his opponents on the field.

For Victor, this year as Yuuri's coach, he has also gained a lot while giving, especially the two "L"-Love & Life, and the perception of innovation (see Part IV for details).

In a word, through the sport and art of figure skating, all three have gained their own experience and growth, and obtained more precious treasures that cannot be touched.

03. The cruelty of sports competition

At the beginning of this work, Yuuri was in a state of entanglement: whether to be active or to retire, and a large part of his hesitation was due to the cruelty of figure skating competition.

Whether it is the favored man or the common people, they cannot escape the laws of competition . No matter how strong the strength is, in a game, it is possible to smash the halberd and sink into the sand, and eventually disappear with the wind, and in the end only the winner is favored by history and becomes the protagonist of this page.

At the same time, the damage can not be measured. The moment Yuuri, who has been on the ice rink for six years, took off his skates, he saw that his red and purple feet were already out of shape. We always applaud the athletic posture of figure skaters, but we may not have thought about what kind of pain they endured to create each beautiful movement on the court.

After that, the athletes also need to accept all the results brought by the competition : or they will retire and retire with honor; or they will advance bravely and enter another cycle of competition; or they will end their curtains and be tortured People's injuries and long-term defeats... Besides, there are emerging players younger than himself, and it is possible to surpass himself, which is undoubtedly frightening or exciting.

Athletes' careers are very short, so it's understandable that they want to do their best to shine on the field.

Although the pain is endless, and although he does not know where the road will lead, with the support of Victor, Yuuri still chooses to move forward. During this year, their mutual support and unremitting efforts have shown us the power of dreams, and finally in the ice He created his own light on his face.

04. Find the stone of other mountains and your own jade

"As long as I'm always new when I'm skating, everyone will be amazed, but it's also a shackle around my neck. People have always had to rely on themselves to create new strengths, I've always thought so. But just watched Yuuri's performance, I have a new understanding, what should I give back to Yuuri?"

Victor had whispered so in his heart. For Victor, the fifth consecutive world figure skating champion, innovation is both a driving force and a shackle . By creating new ideas, it seems that it has become a routine to surprise the audience, but his own source of innovation is always limited, and he can't help but worry about it.

The encounter with Yuuri gave him a new perspective. Since he was a child training figure skating, Victor has been focusing on himself and figure skating. It wasn't until the offseason when he was Yuuri's coach that he began to gradually focus on things other than himself, and he also gained more inspiration in the process of accompanying Yuuri, which he could not create by himself. This is the stone of his mountain.

Innovation may not necessarily be to create new things behind closed doors, but also to get inspiration from contacts with others and the outside world . After all, nature and society are inexhaustible sources.

From another point of view, innovation does not necessarily mean having to create new things, it can also mean finding your own way and living your true self .

In the Grand Prix, players from various countries come together. Among them, Thailand's Phichit and Kazakhstan's Otabek impressed me deeply. As the first player in Thailand to enter the Grand Prix, Phichit did not follow the majority of players to choose the Western-based repertoire, but decided to use the local Thai repertoire for the competition, leaving a unique mark in the history of world figure skating. Mark of.

And Otabek also resolutely decided to withdraw from the ballet training most of the players conducted after he knew that he could no longer go further on the basis of ballet (the foundation of figure skating). style features.

This process of not following the crowd and striving to explore yourself is where you live your self. Reflecting on today's introversion, people are constantly working in one direction and desperately snatch the limited cake. It must be a winner and a loser. Under the premise that the general environment cannot be changed, it is better to change the angle, start from yourself, ask yourself what you are really interested in, find your own shining points, and cultivate your own core competitiveness. the same way. As said in "Becoming a Dark Horse": "Everyone's success model is different. Only by living out oneself can you succeed. If you blindly imitate others, you will only become mediocre in the end." I hope we can all find our own jade .


"We call everything on ice love"

Along the way, the three protagonists have achieved their own growth, and what is especially touched is their love for the sport of figure skating. Although they have to endure unbearable training and pain, they are still flying on the ice rink, creating the next miracle of their own.

With the passage of time, athletes like them will gradually fade out of our vision and may return to plain, but I also believe that the vigorous postures they fought hard on the field will always be fixed in the hearts of people at this moment.

Salute to all the athletes who fought hard

- End -


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