After reading, upgrade to TOP1 in the heart of animation

Enid 2022-10-20 16:08:05

To be honest, I always felt that many animes were a bit naive before this. Watching is just to pass the time. Basically, if you can watch it, you can basically finish it 2-3 times. I fell directly into it, and it is the only anime that has not doubled speed, the other is Luo Xiaohei.

First of all, the long-haired Victor for a few seconds directly made me fall. I felt that the characters were drawn quite beautifully. No matter what the follow-up plot was, I decided to finish it at that time. Later, I found out that the battle with the spell is a studio, no wonder Gojo Satoru is also so beautiful.

The second is that painting is very characteristic. Players from different countries can be clearly distinguished by their faces, and their body shapes are also very different. For example, Yurio is very slender and fits a 15-year-old boy (although the prototype is a girl), and Victor is one taller than Yuuri. Big cut. The other is the scene. For example, the establishment of the subway system when Yuuri just got out of the house has a sense of time, and it is more in line with the feeling of a small city. The interspersed explanations to Xiaobai’s literacy knowledge of figure skating are all presented in the form of hand-painted graffiti. cute. In the middle of each episode, there will be several cut pages of food. When Victor and Yuuri eat hot pot in China, it is a Chinese-style building, and there is actually a food like drunken shrimp. Chinese figure skaters chose roadside stalls (very Chinese style), wanting to step on a certain animation, Japanese culture and Chinese culture are confused, ninjas and some Chinese elements have been unified into China, very careless.

The third is that the content of figure skating is more professional, and it is a group portrait. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is on the field. Each competition introduces each program in detail. Repeated introductions (such as physical strength and emotional appeal, which Yurio described as gripping even with technical flaws). Speaking of results, Yurio is the male lead. He won the gold medal when he was just promoted to the senior group and broke Victor's record.

The fourth is love. Of course, love growth is the top priority. I interspersed Yuuri's feelings for Victor in the figure skating competition. The success of each competition is also the heating up of emotions. In the past, there is nothing I can do to analyze the only groundhog screaming, and finally I can only sigh that this is the same soulmate as Wen Zhou Junzhe!

In addition, there are some of my own thoughts. I don’t know why I can always empathize with Yuuri. The tension before the game, the lack of performance, and the distrust of myself, etc. are all the same as I used to be, similar feelings. It really made me raise my evaluation of this show. Yuuri's growth is also the main thread throughout the whole text. I have always been very resistant to competition and competition. After watching this show, I have some new ideas and admit that I used to be my own Cowardly, the so-called good mentality and emotional stability are only the spiritual victory method, "no hope, no disappointment", "no failure as long as you don't start", goals and competition are really good ways to promote growth, no matter whether there is success or not , Yuuri boasted that he wanted to win the crown to show his love for Victor, but in the end he took the silver, Yurio thought that Laozi would beat you, the first was mine, and finally Yuuri did not retire after the game, And let Victor train himself to win the gold medal.

The other is Yuuri's neglect of the environment and the people around him. Yuuri always felt that he was fighting alone. In fact, his family and friends are giving him the greatest support. He has good conditions and all kinds of love. He didn't realize it until Victor became his coach. I also have this problem. I feel that I often ignore the people around me and immerse myself in my own world. In fact, my parents and friends are very tolerant of me, but I often don't realize it.

Finally, it is about the issue of attacking and receiving. This pair is reversible and cannot be dismantled. At one point, the uu people said that the official decision was inconclusive, then they said that it was Yongwei, and then they said that it was Weiyong. (?), I'm happier after knocking each other off.

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