[Yuri on Ice] Unequal love relationship

Keven 2022-11-07 12:25:29

I was completely drawn to Victor's beauty.

Let's compliment first. As a popular science show, it really made me know more about figure skating, and I also realized the difficulty of being a flower athlete, and at the same time, I developed a certain interest in figure skating.

In addition to this, it is also very serious about athletes from other countries, and treats everyone as the protagonist, rather than the protagonist's foil. It also introduces local delicacies, including Chinese drunken shrimp that many people don't know about. I heard that the hot pot restaurants they ate in Shanghai before were real, which shows the intention of the production team.

But like many people criticized, I originally came in with the idea of ​​​​kicking candy, but in fact, I didn't hit much at all, but I felt very strange, that is, there was no relationship between Yuri and Victor from the beginning to the end. any exact development. Aside from a little more physical and physical contact, they didn't actually increase their inner contact.

Even after buying a pair of rings, the physical sugar that can be sent has increased, but in fact the relationship between the two has not developed further.

With this period of contact, Victor learns more about Yuri's past and his feelings, but Yuri is still completely ignorant of Victor's past.

Of course, it can also be argued that Yuri has been chasing Victor, so there is no need for further understanding. But Yuri's star chasing and actually knowing Victor himself are completely different concepts. What did Yuri learn about Victor from start to finish? How much did he know from his childhood to the ex-girlfriend that Victor was chatting with? It is completely necessary to rely on Victor to accommodate him emotionally, which is not an equal relationship at all.

And the later the words become boring, they start a program that repeats constantly, I can understand the schedule is like this, but for the look and feel, it is best to avoid it, for example, skip directly from a third-party perspective, and report the result directly. better. For example, in the Japanese competition, we skipped Yuri's performance in the China competition, and tried to avoid the protagonist's repeated skating movements. Otherwise, the audience will be quite collapsed when they see it.

Overall, although it is quite well-made, the overall plot is just like that. It is actually so popular because of the advantages of Danmei Fan.

But if their relationship is just the beginning of the end, and there is further development in the future, it is still acceptable, so I may return to this and change my opinion.

But the production team should really think about it, don't just make industrial candy! ! !

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