I know how you feel

Karson 2022-11-12 18:06:15

I'm probably the outlier among all movie reviews. Admittedly, I also really like the deep and soulful relationship between Victor and Yuuri. But what makes me want to leave a review is because I see a shadow of myself in Yuuri Katsumi.
This moved me.
The similarities between me and him are that they are sensitive and unaware of happiness, and tend to be negative, but they are objectively in good condition.
I will ignore the silent contributions of my family and friends because of my subjective opinion.

--The following are personal trivia and have nothing to do with the plot --------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------

Hmm. Until I saw YURI ON ICE!!!, I didn't realize how much my family paid for me and how lucky I am. I used to try to attribute my own failures to the family of origin, but I now find that it is not.
My parents have always allowed me to have various hobbies, such as painting, such as anime. They also worked hard and supported all my decisions. They are very loving, which also laid the foundation of trust for my view of marriage. They gave me good looks, good intelligence, and even a pleasant voice.
They give me all the best things they can provide.
However, due to chronic low execution, negative thinking, I have been living in a muddled state. Anyway, they are all on the edge of their established passing line. Self-blame, but do not make substantial changes. Very impetuous.
Of course, Yuuri's negativity is a bit stronger than mine, and his execution is much better than mine.
But we are all pessimistic.

The second point is that it is sensitive.
I am a highly sensitive person. An action look, I will think a lot. I would like to have a high-level overview of the inner world revealed by eye movements. Or other people don't hate me, but they will freeze to death because of others' indifference. Then you will blame yourself and feel like a nuisance.
Although this feeling of self-loathing is slightly diluted by the sincere liking of me from the friends I met at work, it can also restore my extremes a little when the self-loathing wants to disappear, but I still hate myself from time to time.
I want to trust myself and like myself, but I can't.
At the presentation the day before yesterday, I was praised again. It can be seen that I have practiced Presentations hard.
I feel very moved.
I am very moved that my efforts can be seen. In fact, most giving is visible. Not everything is like taking the GMAT and TOEFL, and no matter how hard you put in, a bad score is garbage. Life is so much better than that.
Then, one after another, I received friendly replies from those who had tried to reach out before.
I thought I was being hated.
However, when I think about it, I have never been hated since I was a child. Others do not express their liking for me, just because we are not familiar with it, or we are not the same.
You should believe in yourself and not be so sensitive.
Sensitivity is very important for an artist. In this way, there can be a steady stream of inspiration and delicate expression.
But I am not an artist.
After talking so much, there is no backbone.

But I think the writers did a really good job. These are living adults. The shaping of the characters can even make me, as a person, feel far beyond the scope of what they want to express. Glad to see this show.
Many people think that watching animation is naive. I want to say, it depends more on your mentality and how you look at these animations. From time to time there are also very in-depth works. Animation is a form of carrying ideas, just like film, music, literature, painting, drama, etc.
Thousands of people. That's all.

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