Young people want to flee their country, old people think their country is the best.

Carli 2022-10-25 23:15:49

I found the conversation between the son-in-law and the father-in-law at the gathering to be particularly interesting.

-Why do you dislike France so much?

- This is a society where everyone complains.

- Which country's guild is not annoying.

- My location is missing here.

- I can't feel safe here.

- But didn't you all vote for Macron?

I don't think it's advocating stereotypes, but the director is trying to break stereotypes.

To tell you the truth, I see a lot of people saying that spitting is the old Chinese society. But in my opinion, there are still many spitting phenomena in a first-tier city, including my parents. Although everything is getting better, there are still some today, so we are inevitably told by others, and even I think there can be irony. Just like Mr. Bean shows all the extreme traits of the British, but if the British feel offended, they just laugh like they complain about the weather. In fact, there is another point that is quite cute, that is, the French father still wears the pajamas bought in Beijing to sleep despite his rant about all the culture. Think about it, in fact, French communism is more prosperous in Western countries other than socialist countries. And my mother still accepted the refugees to come to their home, and even used the adjectives of poor industriousness to describe the teacher refugee.

There are also a lot of French stereotypes in the movie, such as the old-fashioned ideas of the protagonist's parents, and the old-fashioned ideas of the diehards are very typical French here. The director did not shy away from all this.

Racial discrimination, security issues, the general strike in France, the laziness and incompetence in France. They can turn these very sharp phenomena into comedy and put them on the surface.

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