Spicy seasoning for the holidays

Dave 2022-07-14 20:04:54

Between "HEROES" and "DIRT", I resolutely chose to watch 6 episodes in a row. The latter, people like me, lack the compassionate salvation complex and the heroism that emerged from the sky, and the superficial desire for fun is slightly higher than any purpose. . So, it's better to look at the familiar faces in Friends, have the addiction of paparazzi, and peep into the hidden ravines of the entertainment industry, which can be regarded as a spicy seasoning in the holiday.

Goodbye "Monica", vividly portraying an ORZ-level strong woman, capable, strong, and ruthless. This workaholic who said that wind is rain can find a way to go straight to the men's toilet after looking for his colleagues to push the progress. And the spirited Don is also the main reason to follow. This schizophrenic, every shot of him is ambush an extremely unstable commotion, the corpse will open his eyes to him, the head will make fun of him, and more cleverly arrange his death Kira, who is in ambush in his real and fantasy life, is not only not scary, but adds fresh and exciting humor. When he chopped off his fingers to get into the ward to take a photo of Chris, I was also touched by the revolutionary friendship between him and Lucy.

I've been conflicted while watching this movie. On the one hand, he is pitiful for the superficial stars, and any clues cannot escape the sensitive and sharp tentacles of Lucy and his like. As ordinary people, they enjoy the rightful privacy. When they accidentally go to the stars, they become a fatal fuse. It is notorious, it is self-defeating, and it is threatened and extorted. On the other hand, when Lucy takes off the gorgeous veil of the entertainment industry, revealing those amazed, dirty and even dirty faces, you can't hate her unscrupulousness and downfall, and even like her standing on the newly released hot cover The confident smile before (the rumors of others are all evidenced by the photos of the heart in the center, compared to those who make up gossip and Liaozhai behind closed doors, they are almost professional).
This probably explains why the public despise the despicable behavior of the paparazzi on the one hand, and the sales of gossip magazines on the other hand are booming. Some things are destined to be mutually exclusive.

Of course, American dramas will gather elements that are enough to whet your appetite. Needless to say, handsome men and beauties, the flat thunder revealed by the camera satisfies your voyeurism, and the star's insanity comforts your injustice against the darling of natural selection in exchange for fame. The high achievement depends on you watching the detachment of the chaotic Vanity Fair...
In this drama, the excitement of color pictures and the pleasure brought by good music will not leave many echoes in my heart. After all, the stars are far away from you, and the paparazzi are far away from you, so there is no way to learn from them. It just gives you what you want to see - an uncharted but tantalizing area of ​​focus. Whether it's a dramatic exaggeration or a real reveal, you're just an ordinary person, a bystander.

Last but not least, DIRT's poster is very good, the sky with dense clouds, the continuous buildings like the galaxy, the world under the sky, the prosperity under the vastness, Courteney Cox in a dazzling red dress swaying and flying like The curtain looks like a goddess of nobility, but this goddess has some evil spirits and ruthlessness that subvert the traditional symbol of holiness.
I secretly thought that the poster had a high-level idea :) The

poster said, Fame has its price. In fact, it is not only the reputation that has the price, but also whether it is the favored person or the common man, there is a balance behind everyone who does not want to be peeped.

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