play with each other, entertain to death

Troy 2022-07-14 19:29:56

It's been a while since the show started, but it's only just getting started. Because MONICA in FRIENDS is the protagonist, and the topic of gossip magazines is also very in-depth.

Watched the first episode and felt good, a little bit of puppy blood, but the overall direction was interesting.

I JUST WANNA BE A ACTOR, says a passing star.
NO, YOU WANNA BE FAMOUS, IT'S DIFERENT. DIRT editor-in-chief answered.

There is no right or wrong, right and wrong are hard to tell. In Hollywood, gossip magazines are not facing ordinary people, but celebrities who have sharpened their heads and suffered countless hardships to become wives. How many people are innocent? How many people are kind and naive? Boredom to boredom, fun to fun. At the same time, the editor-in-chief of gossip used the guise of an evil angel to deceive himself. . . What can the unspeakable secrets of the superstars prove? Human nature is inherently so sinister, is it more sinister because they are stars?

Love the beginning anyway, both sides are evil and have gimmicks. At the moment when the car exploded, the old male star didn't seem too heroic when he reported his girlfriend, but he finally proved that he was just an ordinary person, but the inappropriate smile on the faces of the crowd holding the DV was more interesting.

Ordinary comedies like FRIENDS back then may no longer suit the tastes of the audience. Not knowing who started it or when it will end, we are used to discussing the good and evil of human nature with extreme attitudes, or just evil.

Play with each other and entertain to death.

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