rare friendship

Helen 2022-07-14 16:07:00

It's been a long time since I saw such a spicy and dark TV series Bird, Lucy really did nothing wrong, just showed the truth. Julie could actually reveal the tape for her own future and then bite others back. After Holt said "we've cleared up", she was still entangled with Lucy and even disliked Kira's entire memory. Julie, has he forgotten why Julie got this far? If you want to stay clean, don't go to the muddy water. The entertainment industry is not a place where you can easily get out of the mud and not get stained.

But I do envy the friendship between Lucy and Don, exactly Don's friendship with Lucy. Lucy's success is not alone, and without Don, it would be difficult for her to sit as editor-in-chief of DirtNow. Think about how much Don sacrificed for Lucy in order to take the exclusive cover photo, to go to the crematorium to see the body in the photo of Kira, to cut off the little finger for the actress in the drug rehabilitation nursing home, to break into the house privately to take the gay photo of Leo and Jack, When filming the party queen's boyfriend and friend, he was going to be beaten by a hooligan and killed an innocent young man. In the end, he had many fantasies and told him that he was going to kill Lucy. Don couldn't do it and would rather commit suicide. Where can I find such a loyal friend. . .

At the end of the last episode, a mad Julie came to Lucy's house, and the two women were both injured in a fight. At this time, Lucy never forgot his duty. He called Don and asked him to film the scene before calling an ambulance. So conscientious!

Hopefully Lucy will be ok because I don't want Don to be sad.

p s:
I said why Don is so familiar, I searched on imdb, Ian Hart. OMG! He's actually Professor Quirrell! That demeanor, those big ears, oh my God, it really is him! Why do I think he looked so young when he filmed Professor Quirrell? It was only 6 years ago! Oh, he used to film Finding Neverland, but I didn't notice that.

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