how a woman can stand straight up?

Cathryn 2022-07-14 18:36:14

Nice show.
Glad to see Courteney Cox comes back. She has really got something to show. Well, she is not that pretty, compared to loads of women who could have taken her place. But She has something.
Such a capable and brave woman these days Countless, not just in Hollywood. Views on these women are erratic and fearful that they will become them in the future. They are lonely, strong, and can take what others can't, but have a clear belief that always Know what you are for, otherwise it is easy to collapse. ``
No matter how holy the environment or how dirty the background is, whether a person will get lost or not will lose his own is almost the same, mainly depends on whether the person is a What kind of person, will they take good control of themselves?
A woman, a strong woman, must recognize her own value, recognize her own position, and do not do anything that lowers her identity. How much you respect yourself, others have How respectful you may be.
Lucy loves Holt, oh yeah, she does. But she sees her career is the top first in her list. She can control herself and she knows what to do and what not to do. That's smart. That's how a talented woman should have done.
Now love is worth a few dollars, there is nothing wrong with loving someone, but you can't let love destroy yourself. Love is a beautiful process, there is no reason not to enjoy it, but in fact how much you choose to pay is entirely up to you. Love a person People don't have to be bruised.

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