selective mental masturbation

Stevie 2022-09-25 02:17:51

I am an obsessive-compulsive person. For example, I only watch American dramas translated by Fengruan. If the subtitles team goes on strike, I would rather choose to wait anxiously, and I would never think of switching to it.
The reason is not because FRTVS is more humorous and life-like than Eden or YYETS (of course this is also true), the key is that Fengruan will not translate Wendy into "Wendy" or, James - "James", Such a weird Chinese translation would make me struggle all night, but Feng Ruan just kept the original English name.
Well, this is an inappropriate example.
I mean, I really don't like things that are almost artificial, like Ekin Cheng's perfect skin through JS, or David Beckham's full-bodied ORZ when he endorses EA. In fact, if you've ever worked in a media agency -- well, even if you've only watched a few related American TV shows, you'll know the rules of how mass media works. "Vanity Fair", "People", "Star", "OK"... How much news do you see is true? Will the Brangelina really be the model couple and not the real-life version of The Smiths? Kate Moss really participated in the design of Topshop? And the immaculate models of Coco Chanel or Dolce & Gabbana, please, how many people in life are stupid enough to believe it all?
The answer is, a lot, but not because of stupidity.

The enormous pressure of modern society requires us to pay more or less attention to other people's gossip trivia, or to chat and masturbate with the goal of a fanciful image of perfection. Celebrities are one of the best targets at this point, because they have a well-crafted public image and a chaotic private life at the same time. You know what a "big guy" like Hilton who can't sing and act but always grabs the tabloid headlines is called, yes, entertainment stars.
This is why there are many American dramas depicting the lives of stars every year. Obviously, they are popular with the public, and screenwriters can quickly find countless entry points. The attitudes of these shows are often the opposite, pessimism, optimism, ridicule, you can't believe all opinions at the same time, but you do have the power to decide. At the end of the day, whether true or not, this is just entertainment.
Last year, "Dirt", which Cox and his screenwriter husband made with all his strength, went a bit too far, and the description of the entertainment industry was too dark, which directly led to the disastrous ratings of the show's first season. Fortunately, Sister C was smart enough to pull her old friend Jennifer Aniston to perform a kiss on the broken back in the last episode, which successfully attracted attention and brought the second season back from the brink of death. However, it seems that the Cox couple has no intention of repentance. First, they spoofed the publicity photo into a "dirty version" of Gisele Bundchen's classic GB2 look, and then replaced the previously normal title sequence with the most vulgar Andy Warhol in history. Not to mention the plot, only the first three episodes have added drugs, murders, lip-synching, sex secret rooms and many other violent materials. The degree of erosion is by no means the smash hit Brother Guan C can catch up. The burden is so dense that it's nothing more than an eye-catcher and a viewership. The problem is that the writer's cynical mood lingers in "Dirt", and the eccentric character setting of the cameraman Dan makes the series more psychedelic and neurotic. Therefore, whether "Dirt" can please ordinary audiences who just want to relax and entertain is still an open topic.
Compared with the "perversion" of "Dirt", the key word of the BBC's hit comedy "Extras" is cheap, and the success of the big-name string stars who play their own roles makes us believe that there is only one way to reach the peak of a career in the entertainment industry. Just keep making shit. "30 Rock," which also had its critically acclaimed second season, was basically a show that told us "it's just a bunch of nervous paranoiacs hanging around in TV." The first season of "30 Rock" once won the Emmy Award for "Best Comedy Award" that year. I didn't expect the production level of the second season to reach a new high. Not to mention that the jokes were more concentrated, Tina Fey's performance was obviously more superb.
HBO's four seasons of "Entourage" seems to have disappeared recently. I wonder if all HBO's main creators have gone to work on the damn "Sex And The City" movie version. This show isn't exactly special, just a constant smear of the nitty-gritty of a big Hollywood male star, but it hits the men's underbelly—through those constant sports cars, money, and swimsuit parties. It is said that ten years ago, HBO also hit the nerves of women with such precision, through that damn movie that you are so familiar with that you can no longer be familiar.

"Sex And The City" is the most life-threatening show I've ever seen, and it creates the perfect world in a woman's mind—fashion, stardom, and love. The point is, it sells you a lifestyle that makes you believe that you don't have to work hard to get the good life you want for just $400 for a pair of heels that will go all the way. Is it actually possible?
The answer is no.
I mean, if you actually spent that $400.

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