dirty life

Hope 2022-11-13 07:35:31

I finished watching the second season of Dirt in one afternoon, which is also the end. 7 episodes is a small number for an American drama. It can be seen that the show was forced to stop, but no matter what, Cox has dedicated us to a wonderful rumor of high society.
Everyone has a gossip mentality and always wants to inquire about other people's private lives. We always treat others with a time-saving attitude towards life.
Cox is a successful show, a successful woman in the workplace with extraordinary talent and keen intuition and professional characteristics. The reason a lot of people liked the first season was that it had a hot scene, and what I liked about the second season was that the second season really did what the dirt was about, the lives of celebrities and all the magazines had to do. In the second season, dirt finally has all the team spirit of the news industry. Compared with the first season, the team in the second season plays an important role. Lucy is no longer alone! And the newly entered characters in the second season are also much stronger than the groups in the first season, and they no longer show too many sexual intercourse scenes!
It's a pity it ended like this, but this is the ending we want to see! Anyway, Cox, good!
Dirt life always stay!

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