Digression is a deadly sin

Jedidiah 2022-09-02 20:10:25

In fact, compared with most American dramas, the dirt is very good. The plot is very strong. The actors are very strong. There are no bad people who play tricks and play soy sauce. But this drama gives people the feeling of being responsible The schizophrenic photographer who runs errands for cox is quite
divided . How interesting is the Hollywood scandal magazine proprietress? Suddenly, a line of life of a schizophrenic is drawn, and it appears in the play like a commercial in the TV series. It played a role in weakening the plot and forcing the audience to change channels.
Secondly, why did you dig a pit that the heroine's father committed suicide and the heroine couldn't let go of it? It's to explain that the heroine is so ruthlessly seeking the truth today to kill the stars' lives in order to ease the depths of their hearts. Have you always wanted to find the truth about your father's death? A bitch is just a bitch. As long as you are strong enough, the weak will naturally worship. No need to make excuses for guilty conscience

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