"Sex Tycoon": a gorgeous dress covered with lice

Melba 2022-07-16 17:54:14

To evaluate "The Look Of Love" (The Look Of Love), you must first let go of the curiosity and thirst for sex, otherwise you will be quite disappointed, and even yell for a refund. Biographical films can be expressed in many different ways, ranging from the protagonist's splendid career, or something that affects his life. From "Sex Tycoon", it mainly tells about the little-known loneliness and loneliness behind the gorgeousness. Even if they have money, those who are rich and rivals will have "weaknesses". This is the true purpose of the film.

Legendary life. From the beginning of the career, let's start
with the English name of the film, "The Look of love", which can be translated as the gaze of love in Chinese. It can be seen from the title that this is not a pornographic movie. "Sex" is only a means of expression in the movie. Don't focus too much on the crazy sex of the director's previous work "9 songs", many At that time, fans will fall into the misunderstanding, and they are often disappointed because of preconceived ideas and unnecessary prejudice. And this film mainly tells the life of the rich British man Paul Raymond. He founded an erotic dance troupe in his life, from France to the United Kingdom, and his erotic career also expanded to the United States, publishing pornographic publications, with non-literal dramas and many more. It can be said that he brought sex into popular culture, and the performances he supervised and the places he created can also be described as places for local high society people to communicate. Almost half of the shops in SOHO in London are his. .

His career development has been affirmed, and most of his work is smooth. He knows that publicity depends on Chuotou, and he knows what the audience wants to see. Just to be "vulgar" and to see "nude beauty", he successfully turned sex into a commodity and a consumable art, establishing his brand. This is not something to be ashamed or not ashamed of, but it is human nature and the mind is quite open. Just as Hong Kong people also like to go to Thailand to watch "Sex Real Show", it is a business opportunity.

Legendary life. start with love
As for his love path, he has also become a hot topic among locals. When he divorced his ex-wife, he gave her sky-high alimony. Even if they meet again, they still cherish each other. In the play, it is mentioned that he took pictures of pornographic publications for his ex-wife, and what he did was very bold and open. When a man has money, he has the ability to find different girls to be happy, and he is a "legless sparrow". He has seen countless girls in his life, full of "man charm", and he is a "women's soup ball". . Even if he doesn't look for other women, there will always be other women willing to approach him.

He also loved some women deeply, but unfortunately none of them could develop in the long run. Probably they all want to find a refuge. After all, women are afraid of sinking ships. If women are selfish, it is better to say that they love themselves.

Legendary life. Starting from family affection,
if condoning is also a kind of love, it is a well-deserved arrogance of her daughter, thinking of her in everything, caring for her, and even making her addicted to drugs. This father-daughter relationship is very special and very understandable. There are fathers who allow their daughters to take drugs. However, they just went to the front, and what they didn't expect was that this would actually hurt their daughter. That's the point of the whole movie, the daughter loves the father and the father loves the daughter. But life is really depressing, and only that world can make them forget their worries. A man's "soft spot" is a family. When the outside world can be controlled, things at home are a mess. Behind the gorgeous aura of success, only one knows the gains and losses.

"Sex Tycoon" from hell and back to the world
is wonderful and beautiful, creating the golden age of that era. The film uses three directions to describe the tycoon's career and private life. Eileen Chang said that the gorgeous robes are covered with lice, and people who seem to be rich are just ordinary people. There will also be their affairs, and the relationship between the father and the daughter is also in place, but they feel that the branches in the play are slightly scattered and fail to integrate well. As for viewers who want to be naked and curious, I'm afraid they have to move forward. As for some foreign film critics who mentioned "Funny", they are not complimented by such navy film critics. In the face of the death of their relatives, can they still be "Funny"? This is a thought-provoking biopic at all. Life is about going through this process of "returning from hell to the world". Come in, the Paul Raymond story.


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