Remove the glitz, just a biography

Theron 2022-07-16 16:47:36

The translated name of "The Look Of Love" in Hong Kong is actually called "Sex Tycoon". I don't know if it is a gimmick of the merchants, and it is deliberately made to think that it is the vivid color and fragrance of "3D Meat Futon". If you watch this biopic with sexual urges because of the name, it can only be described as disappointment. Of course, this cannot blindly accuse the businessman of being unscrupulous. Everyone just follows the old man named Paul Raymond in the film and draws a gourd. Who is Paul? He is neither a prophet in the era of sexual liberation, nor an erotic communicator who made his fortune on the desire of British men. He is good at fields far beyond the porn industry. He publishes magazines, buys and sells real estate, and leaves at least 600 million pounds to his children after his death in 2004. legacy. Although the filming of these wonderful deeds like a running account can't stir your already numb nerves, but at least like "Nine Songs of Lust", the director hopes that you will see more of the empty eyes of Paul who watched the images of his daughter's death. Thinking out, is there an unknown loneliness and loneliness behind the gorgeous life?

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