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Lacey 2022-07-16 22:57:24

It is a coincidence that a film is divided into three parts. I thought it was about the corrupt upper-class society, but I didn't expect the main line to be the tender father-daughter relationship. A father's love for his daughter is unparalleled.
Thinking of a scene, her daughter asked whether she had to take off like everyone else on the stage. Raymond immediately said that there must be a special person on the entire stage who does not need to take off. The daughter is his angel, even if it offends his lover. Obviously Fiona felt a little weird. Although Raymond respected her and his staff on weekdays, he still felt that strippers were a disgraceful profession, so he was reluctant for his daughter to do it.
It is said that the daughter is the father's lover in the past life, and they must be the love in the past life. No matter if my daughter is of mediocre aptitude, she still spends money to train her to fulfill her singing dream; for her daughter's luxurious wedding, she spends 95 million US dollars; she knows that her daughter is taking drugs, and she can't bear to be blamed, but says to buy the best one... Doted to the point where ordinary people can't understand. 36 years old, she died, but better than many people's 66 years. In the past 36 years, she pursued what she wanted without any scruples, and tasted the prosperity of the world.
I really like the song sung by the female lead at the end of the film. It is very clean and warm. The female lead has blue pupils and fair skin. The whole film style is reversed. I even forgot the title of the film, the long dew point, and the 4P and 5P. lewd scene. All I remember is the innocent daughter, the old father.
It's hard to define a person with one label because everyone has many roles. How you evaluate a person, and how this person is, depends on his role to you. Maybe he is not a good husband, but he is a good father. If you put him in the role of husband, then it will be a mess, and it is better to withdraw as soon as possible. If he happens to be your dad, it's a lifetime of luck.
My husband said I liked watching this type of porn the most and it wasn't. The children's shoes who look at it with this kind of thinking are probably disappointed. I think this film can't improve people's sexuality, and it is better to have an appreciative attitude.

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