Relationships, Character and Life

Jacklyn 2022-09-21 05:09:18

Biographical films are nothing more than such a routine, grabbing key turning events, portraying characters, important people in life, and the relationship with these people. The people who are important to him in the
film are his wife, his second wife, and his relationship with them. Wife, girl, granddaughter, work partner, son (very distant)
When we look at this person's life and perceive it from such a length of time, we will feel that those youthful and beautiful bodies are probably just addicted to
life for a while and regret forever, the biggest, The most common regret is nothing more than not being better to important people,
just like male protagonist's indifference and shirk responsibility for his daughter at the beginning - "Debbie is an adult, she can take care of herself".

The role of daughter debbie in the film is sad, and it is possible to imagine her childhood - not having a good relationship with her mother, always longing for but lacking fatherly love. She has always longed to connect with her father, because the image of father in her heart is "he is a fantastic father", father is that powerful savior in her heart, and she wants to be part of the "perfect" father. She did a lot of things to get her father's attention - the music business, going to work in her father's dance club, and taking drugs when she failed. It feels like debbie should be a dependent projective identification. She married the boy who saved her long jujube cake. This "love" was also born on the complex of "he is my savior". But at Debbie's wedding, the mother teased the groom, which made Debbie very unhappy, and we can also get a glimpse of it. The mother's "snatching" the groom to show the charm shows the powerlessness of the daughter.

Recently, I was reading books on psychology, and I thought that there may be too many people in the world with small twists in their psychology, unable to take responsibility for themselves and their families, so life is decorated with quarrels, tears, and roars. But the world is like this, people are like this, emotions are like this. I just feel sad, sympathetic, and helpless. Just like the face-changing in the series, the old-faced male protagonist is absent-minded in front of the TV.

——“There was once a sincere feeling in front of me, but I didn’t cherish it.”

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