Frank 2022-10-26 09:19:29

It's still quite heart-wrenching to watch dirty, there is no warm picture of kylexy, only the naked fact, which hurts everyone. Dark, cruel, betrayal, those are the words that keep coming to my mind.

Don is very cute. Although he is constantly struggling with reality and his own hallucinations, although he is a schizophrenic, he trusts lucy from beginning to end and never hopes that lucy will be his best friend. Perhaps the most essential and unrepentant emotion lies in He is the most perfect.

I like Lucy very much, she is tough, smart and dedicated. Maybe she just wants to survive in the fierce competition, or maybe it is her nature, digging out the truth and revealing the privacy of celebrities. To a certain extent, I don't think there is anything wrong with doing this, they are just exposing the truth, but the development of things makes people have to believe that maybe hiding the truth makes people live in peace. It can only be said that in a world like theirs, everyone has an unspeakable secret, which is not under their control. How many people are playing tricks of deception, compromise, and betrayal.

Julia has been like a helpless child until the back, she said with a strong face, who would be afraid of Lucy spiller, until the last episode, she had a head-on conflict with Lucy. Julia in front was too weak, and since Kira's death and car accident for a long time, she just couldn't get up, instead she got more and more hurt. Apart from blaming the cruelty of this circle, she didn't seem to have worked hard. After the last thing was screwed up, she only covered her face in horror, trying to save Holt in the end. When everything, even the boyfriend, is shattered, it can only go to destruction.

In any case, it is a film that will make people feel a little heavy, maybe accept the fact that it is so.

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