A masterpiece of bad heat

Dorothy 2022-10-09 01:48:20

It's a bit sad to see someone say that after watching two episodes of dirty they can't watch it anymore.

Actually, not bad. It's just...I don't really see it. It's not that I hate the so-called dark and so-called negative, I really feel that I can't stand it.

After all, it is a good book, a good story, a good direction, and a good actor. The fault really came from the production team, maybe it was too eager to get it right.

The handling of many details, as well as the rhythm of the story, is just a little bit worse. Hehe, I've already understood my old age, and I'm sure the words are not surprising. The situation in these years has not been very healthy. The films are all going in the direction of gorgeousness and splendor. When they run, they forget what they want.

The center of the film, the center of gravity, Mr. Cox, is still excellent, but it is still a bit too much to look at how she deliberately highlights her personality. I feel that the actor's performance is better (although I don't like him very much), and the feeling of human nature is richer and more real. Hehe, and that wonderful and seductive, "gloomy look".


The music is so good! It's nice, it's nice enough to cover up the director's youthful pretentiousness.

Especially in the nth episode, when the hero's selfishness and despair erupted, when he faced the woman's hoarse voice in a sad silence, the 8mm liar slowly came from the background... It was amazing.

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