Rumor? Scandal! Vanity Fair! must be a virgin heroine

Dawn 2022-11-03 19:52:21

The first time I watched Dirt was in 2007.
The same is about gossip, money worship, secret, decadent celebrity life, but darker, more real, gossip, and more exciting than "Gossip Girl", more like the messy scandals we read in the tabloids.
Sex, drugs, money, fame, betray, lie.
Showbiz, celebrities, vanity fair!
The heroine makes me feel very much like a Virgo, a virgin who is very strong and arrogant on the outside but very fragile and extreme on the inside. A gorgeous red dress is my favorite color and dress, and it feels very suitable for a fanboy who is also a virgin with type B blood like me.
Fan Ye said, how much slander I can endure, how much praise I can endure! Thousands of arrows pierce the heart, just get used to it.
Either let us believe you completely, or don't expect us to believe you a little bit.
This is the Virgo, the most extreme, sober, realistic and idealistic Virgo.
I love myself as a Virgo, and everything about everyone is so clear in my heart.
No matter how broken and desolate the world is.

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