blood is thicker than water

Kade 2022-09-17 17:24:10

In the former Soviet Union, ice hockey was one of the most Cold War weapons, and it built the most fierce team in the world at that time, the Red Army ice hockey team, and gave birth to the five tiger generals that made people feel fearful. In the end, due to the injuries of the Cold War, they were forced and took the initiative to leave their homeland and flee to the West. They were in a foreign land. They who once made their opponents tremble were not respected accordingly, but they survived and reorganized in a foreign land. Team, show off your glory again. A few years later, at the call of Putin, they returned to the motherland again. Can they play the correct role effectively? The ruin of the system hurts people's hearts, but after all, blood is thicker than water. A Russian documentary filmed by an American, true, simple and moving.

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Red Army quotes

  • (voice): When you die, this is gonna be your legacy.

    Viacheslav Fetisov: [Taking phone out] I know and I appreciate it. You're a good guy. I'm lucky to have you.

    (voice): I think we're both lucky to have each other.

    Viacheslav Fetisov: [Not paying attention, calling on phone] That's even better. California boy and good guy.

    (voice): Chicago.

  • Buddha, Indian Prince, founder of Buddhism (563 BC - 483 BC): Three things cannot be long hidden: the Sun, the Moon and the truth.