different sports spirit

Kamron 2022-10-15 22:39:07

There seem to be many kinds of sportsmanship, focusing on participation, winner is king, mass interaction, mass entertainment? The Soviet Union and the Celestial Dynasty used the movement as a political means and used state power to forcibly strengthen it. It seems that the movement has lost its original fun. Representatives of capitalism such as the United States have professionalized part of the movement and turned it into a means of entertaining the public. Of course, anything professionalized cannot be pure if it is infected with interests, which also deviates from the original intention of the movement. Just think that even if the Soviet athletes go to the NHL, they are not much happier than they are playing in a centralized system like the Soviet Union. Only when they are gathered together and have a Bole who appreciates them can it be. Compared with the Soviet Union, the difference is not necessarily the point. It's that centralized system, but the centralized representatives (coaches) involved in the movement itself.
No matter what affects the purity of the movement, it should be considered and discussed. Centralization and politicization of course have great disadvantages, but they are not necessarily useless, just as professional capitalism is not so beautiful.

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