The Ignition of Competitive Sports and the Ride of the Trend

Valentina 2022-11-10 08:10:34

There has always been a plot for sports themes, and it's really good. I'm struggling to give it four or five stars. Although there are many precious historical footage, they are not completely viewed as documentaries. The director also has a tendency when arranging and deleting materials, unless it is an animal world documentary. It is especially obvious that when I first came to the American Empire, I was lonely and beaten up to cut the game highlights. In the 1997 season, the soundtrack suddenly turned and I could fight with people (insert a sentence at this time when the Red Army is the most powerful and really excited), there is a kind of 97 The Stanley Cup of the season is entirely due to the illusion of Russian players. At the political level, there are also some who are black and black, so I will not mention it. But knowing all this, I still feel great, maybe the last 10 minutes of patriotism and brotherhood are effective.

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  • (voice): [confused] Wait a second. Go Back. I don't get why Yazov let you leave the country, if he was mad at you.

    Viacheslav Fetisov: I'm not a historian. My feeling was the country tried to change something, because it's Perestroika time, but he doesn't want changes. Everybody was afraid. It's understandable. It's like in a dark room, trying to find a dark cat. It's not funny.

    [still confused]

    (voice): Okay.

  • (voice): When you die, this is gonna be your legacy.

    Viacheslav Fetisov: [Taking phone out] I know and I appreciate it. You're a good guy. I'm lucky to have you.

    (voice): I think we're both lucky to have each other.

    Viacheslav Fetisov: [Not paying attention, calling on phone] That's even better. California boy and good guy.

    (voice): Chicago.