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one brush away

Why is there such a high score... I even think that the ugly beta line is one of the incentives for me to run after the stars ————————— The eighth episode that can continue to attract my attention after re-blinking three and a half stars, The eighteenth episode and the twenty-fourth episode are worth adding one star. It can be seen that the game script should be quite good, and the animation has been made into a frame. The only thing that can be compared with the previous work or even outdone is the BGM. The following is the filter version of the comics

The plot of Stone Gate makes me look at it every once in a while when I have nothing to watch.

Is there anyone who can watch this without a filter? ! ! Episode 8 Assistant Can't Get Out! ! ! Absolutely beautiful love! ! ! After more than 20 episodes and 3,000 jumps, I finally have an inner taste! (Although the biggest bug in the whole play is how the brooch jumped back to the time point when the AI ​​assistant could be deleted) At the end of episode 24, Altair plan, a working soldier and Mayuri in the desert of the gap between time and space saw it as "death" after fifteen years. In the end, I took the No. 1 machine to find their brooches. The bgm came out with tears in my eyes and filled up Mayuri's character design. It's no longer Bai Yueguang, a tool person who can only babble. I was really moved by the phone call.

Zhenfan: The heroine becomes a tool person

Working Soldier: The daughter of the animation team

Moeyu: Good-looking tool man (srds, I like her so much)

Phyllis: A tool man who doesn't even have to meow a few times

Liu Huazi: The cuteness of the pseudo-girl completely disappeared as a tool man

Shiina Camp: A tool person more than a tool person (any independent personality??)

Two coser: tool people who can't remember their names and don't know what they are doing

Professor: idiot villain

“Time” is so sad and fleeting

Can't be controlled, like a river, never stops

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