7.8 points

Luther 2022-09-18 22:04:49

Plot: 80 points. Actor appearance and acting skills: 80 points. Screen: 75 points. Costumes and props: 70 points. Music and sound effects: 83 points. Dubbing: 90 points. Comprehensive evaluation: 7.8 points. In terms of plot: It is still as brain-burning as always, focusing on details, the psychological description of the characters is very detailed, and the feelings between people are very complicated and touching. It's a good work that delights people both emotionally and logically. However, the scene of the shootout on the rooftop in the play made the film less likely to fall into the stereotype that the bullets could not hit the right side, and the opposite side would all be shot to death. In addition, the opposite party seems to be unfavorable to the control of the male protagonist, and he will let him run back and start again every time. And the ending of the show is a bit confusing, I don't know whether the last episode is a side story or a plot to be inherited. Actors: The characters' movements are smooth and natural, the expressions are vivid and delicate, the seiyuu level is very high, and the voice lines are pure. The character's appearance and image setting are stronger than the first one. Picture: The picture is vivid, and the presentation of the scene is more detailed. Costumes and props: Women's clothing is more abundant, but men's clothing is not worth seeing. There are many experimental props involved in the play, which is still very creative. Music and sound effects: OP is slightly worse than the first season, and ED is similar, but there are many classic songs in other songs, which are generally stronger than the first season, and the episodes are also good. The sound effects are quite vivid. So to sum up, the recommendation index of this play: four and a half stars, it is worth watching.

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