A Brief Comment on Steins;Gate

Tamara 2022-09-18 11:18:05

Salute to the lonely observer. No matter which world line you are in, you are not alone, this time it is my turn to redeem you. Due to accidentally jumping from the β world line to the α world line, we ushered in the death of Mayuri. In the world jumping again and again, in the pain and sorrow again and again, the world line converges and returns to the β world line, It's a pity that this time the world line ended with the death of Makase Kurisu, Okabe completely collapsed, and entered the 0 world line from the beta time line. This is the most miserable and painful world line. After experiencing countless pains and experiences After a full 3,000 time jumps, he finally successfully helped himself, received guidance, and allowed his past self to successfully deceive himself. This is the world line of Steins;Gate. In the end, Okabe successfully entered the sg perfect world line, but unfortunately Oka The department surpassed its own load field and created a branch line to enter the R world line, but this time, Makase Kurisu became the observer, and it was her turn to save you, and finally ushered in a real perfect ending and returned to the world. sg world line, however, the ameduesAI in the 0 world line may only be remembered by the lonely observer Okabe... α world line β world line 0 world line fate detection magic eye steins gate world line R World line amaduesAI Makase Kurisu Christina Hideyoshi Mahobon

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