The Reflexivity of Fractal Structures

Rhiannon 2022-09-18 22:37:31

I finished watching Steins;Gate 0 and the theatrical version in one go yesterday. There were many aphasia, tears, and emotional and physical experiences like electric shocks. Sometimes I even feel that the energy density of the plot is so great, and it is irresponsible for me to read all the content like this, but the immersion of the story still makes it difficult for me to stop.

My emotions about this story are very mixed right now. On the first level, there is no doubt that I have a deep attachment to the characters in the story, and this attachment (and the multi-world setting of the story itself) makes me feel like they are really in "Steins Stone" The door" exists in the world line -- an irrational sense of reality that is out of touch with reality. This sense of realism is as ubiquitous as air but difficult to capture, and every time they want to capture it, they explicitly deny it, but when they don’t take the initiative to capture it, they linger in their minds (spotlight model of attention).

On the second level, I have a conflicting and escaping mentality towards this story. The unrelenting perseverance in this story, the attitude of reluctance to let go of memories and a certain state of the world in the past, and the passion for pursuing this obsession, all moved me and rejected me. I was moved by those moments in the story--Makase Kurisu appeared on the screen for the first time and opened his mouth to speak, and saw Kurisu again in the laboratory. In Mayuri's letter, the hero changed for the first time. Going back to the Phoenix Academy, the Easter egg at the end of episode 23, etc. etc. -- the emotional impact these moments brought me and the physical experience close to tears are objectively real and undeniable; The attitude of unrepentant and unwilling to let go of a certain state of the world, the practice of establishing one's identity and value in the external world, the negative mentality of denying the present and escaping the status quo, are all in this cold and cold environment. In reality, it is bound to lead to self-destruction. Because in reality, none of us have the aura of the protagonist, and no one is the son of heaven, but this story has to stir our hearts. This paradox of the physical experience of the rational world is filling me now.

On a third, higher level, I still can't help but use the sense of substitution in the story to understand this contradiction -- isn't the contradiction I'm experiencing now similar to what the male protagonist is experiencing in the beta world line Is it a contradiction? In life, I constantly perceive the existence of Hong Lixi, and the emotional connection and physical experience brought about by this perception are undeniable. What are the facts and the rational approach. In the face of this contradiction, he finally chose to believe in the truth of his emotional experience, he chose middle school, he chose obsession, and he chose blood. And what about me, who is also facing this contradiction?

Thinking of it this way, it is difficult for me to say that the second and third levels above are the higher levels.

This is probably the magic of the story of "Stone Gate" -- no matter what level you understand the story and the experience it brings to you, you can find yourself at this level in the story again and put it back together. Insert yourself into the story. If I had to name this narrative technique I would call it fractal self-reflexivity.

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