Not a standard emotional sequel

Jaylen 2022-10-09 23:25:09

I have to admit that the animation of the last two episodes of line 0 is better than the game, and even the refugees from station B who have been tossing around for a whole season in the barrage have stopped. As soon as the ED came out, Gang Lun disappeared in the light. Maho read this passage again. Although it was not the first time to watch it, he still had tears in his eyes... From the first to the second season, it was Gang Lun's loneliness and growth, from the second to the second. Mature, and finally return to a confident and indomitable smile, the courage required is very impressive, read all the human feelings, and only know how precious it is to be shy.

Line 0 doesn't have a high degree of reduction to the game. Except for the game party, people who haven't watched the first season should not want to contact this sequel. But... In fact, I completely agree with Steins;Gate's slow popularity in the early stage, but I don't agree with it if it means 0. After all, it is really difficult for people who haven't watched the previous work to understand why the brooch is so useless. But the early stage of the previous game is not necessarily bad, because you can see that part as a daily show, there is no problem at all, but the light behind covers the early stage. Of course, the differences in audience groups have led to the fact that few people in this era will savor a work of this subject matter, but it still cannot change the fact that it dominates the rating website. It should be said that the success of reaching the SG line was not accidental or coincidental, it was not the will of Gang Lun, nor was it the choice of Steins;Gate, but the sacrifice of countless precious memories with his partners, the sacrifice of the woman he loved, and came to the β world. Wire. Just as Amadeus Kurisu, who had deleted all data, left a sentence to Gunn at the last moment, "If you have lost everything, please set foot on the bonfire of time travel again in place of Mayuri." Jumping back 3000 times is just sending a D-RINE of Gunlen. Rescue Mayuri and Suzuha, who disappeared at the end of time and space in 2011...

Perhaps it should be said that reaching the Gate of Steinstones is inevitable. Because there are so many things sacrificed for it. Therefore, those partners who have worked together so far not only saved the world, but also gave us such a shocking and moving story. This is called "the sequel to complement the world view", not the "sequel" like Magic Forbidden 3 and Sword 5. I am willing to give five stars for this "emotional sequel". The established past cannot be changed, but we can change the future, and I hope Steins;Gate can go back to where it should go.

The universe has a beginning and no end. Infinite stars have origins, but they will be destroyed by their own power. Taking history as a guide, the wise will not know the world on land. Ridiculous This is an inscription from someone who fought against God's ultimatum... obsession

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