Before the end of the world line, every possibility was not missed.

Adolfo 2022-10-31 23:47:54

"Possibility" is an eternal proposition, but not without answers.

Leibniz believed that our world is the best of all possible worlds. And in his book "Theism" in the first part of the argument. However, the premise of all this comes from the all-knowing, all-powerful, all-good Creator. If we can add free will to the infinite experience, can we also break free from the shackles of "fate" and finally reach the "other shore"? This is the belief in Steins;Gate.

The assistant quoted in the main article of Stone Gate: "Humanity is a temporal existence." This point of view comes from Heidegger's book "Existence and Time". (As for the assistant's point of view, I personally think it is the reason for translation. It may be that the two etymologies of Hegel and Heidegger are a bit confusing. It is not the original meaning of the assistant.) This is a kind of finite theory. And Einstein's theory of relativity tells us: "Time and space are just the illusion of human cognition." It also provides an endorsement for the possibility of infinite experience.

As the title of this chapter is, although the two have their duality under Kant's principle of antinomy, they are indeed in line with Hegel's idealist dialectics, which is a unity of opposites. (“Kant believes that as long as unconditional conditions and unfounded grounds are regarded as beliefs, not knowledge, rationality can play an active role in practice. Kant’s antinomy reveals the necessity of the inherent contradictions of reason, which makes black The establishment of Geer's logic is possible.")

The misunderstanding of empiricism comes from the limitation of individual experience. Therefore, talents always mistake "phenomenon" for "thing-in-itself". Therefore, whether it is in the alpha world line or the complete experience in the beta world line, it is a necessary process to achieve Steins Gate. (On the necessity of a sequel...) The lack of practical cognition is limited, and it is an idealistic mistake. All choices are a complete set, and only continuous experience can truly discover and create that "best world". Therefore, the reunion of the brooch and the assistant, as well as the sharing of experiences in each other's world line is an indispensable and important part to enable the α world line to be reset and the β world line to be established.

A time machine is essentially a tool that can extend human consciousness indefinitely in every possibility. While each world line has its own trajectory and rules (parallel universes), each choice also creates constant flaws and losses (the butterfly effect). But all of these are proofs of existence, not compromises of fate. It is precisely because all possibilities have reasons for their existence (though not simultaneously) that selection makes sense. Perhaps, fate will always exist in the branches of each world line, and consciousness is only a pawn of fate under limited choices. However, when the free will can truly get rid of the shackles of time and limited cognition, there will definitely be a gate of Destiny Stone open for you.

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