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Ashleigh 2022-11-10 14:51:07

The eighth episode of the animation changed the reason why the A line jumped to the B line. Compared with the game, it was less brain-burning and obscure. At the same time, it also touched a lot of fans. It is indeed a stroke of genius.

Compared with the first season, the sequel has a very big change in style, but it is different from the depressing pathos from the beginning to the end of the game. Overall, the tone of the story is flickering and not stable enough. For example, the cheerful and warm bgm at the end of the eighth episode gives people a feeling of being able to see the moon. Somewhat abrupt. This is done better in the first season, the style is unified, and the tone is also gradual.

I always felt that the characters in the second season were a bit broken, and they did not continue the style of the first season. The lines of the characters are far from being as clean and neat as the first season, so I won't talk about it. In the part where the assistant was shivering in the wind in a coat, the plot was good but the picture was not enough. The characters were too thin and thin, and they didn't have the slender and neat feeling of the assistant in the first season, which was not good. On the other hand, the style of the picture has changed too much, and every now and then, I will do some tricks to make my die-hard fan of the first season come out. For example, in this episode, the scene where Okabe stretches out his hand to the sky, the oil painting style is really abrupt. I don't remember seeing this style of picture in the first season, and the tearful Okabe in the picture is also The collapsing orz can't see the real shadow of the domineering Phoenix Academy in the first season. Maybe this is also the purpose. There are quite a lot of small surprises like this (scare), which makes the painting style of this season a bit messy. Of course, the painstaking efforts of the production team to use various ways to highlight the sense of doom and the heaviness of the story are understandable, but the effect (in my opinion) is not up to expectations.

Talk about the plot. The eighth episode was undoubtedly very successful, with good coherence and a touching ending. It also received the foreshadowing of the first season, which is excellent. The animation has changed a lot compared to the game, and the overall tone has changed (you can feel it by listening to the final bgm), including the details of the voice actor dubbing - the assistant in the game choked several times, and the assistant in the animation sent Okabe back to the back. When the sound is much more relaxed, of course, this is also in line with the animation context. On the other hand, the animation adaptation highlights Mayuri's status in Okabe's heart, and there are more plots of assistants taking Okabe to the cemetery. The animation does this to make the plot more reasonable, because leaving the assistant wife and jumping back is not acceptable to all dead houses. We must let the dead houses feel the tangle of Okabe's choice between the two... Let's go. The scene of Okabe extending his hand to the light is very meaningful, and it was deliberately made into an oil painting style (although it collapsed). My understanding is to highlight the sense of religion, to show that Mayuri is Okabe's salvation, and to let the assistants who saw this scene fully After confirming the importance of Mayuri in Okabe's heart, he was even more determined to send Okabe back.

It is worth mentioning that the animation clearly shows that the assistant's feelings for Mayuri are not enough for her to make a choice to sacrifice herself. The fundamental reason for making such a choice is that she cannot bear to watch Okabe suffer the pain of losing Mayuri. Realizing that she and time alone are not enough to soothe Okabe's loss of Mayuri, she decides to change it all at the source. Unlike the game, the assistant's feelings are very subtle, not only the guilt of letting Okabe sacrifice Mayuri to choose himself (in the game), but also the unwillingness of "Okabe will never forget Mayuri" (not in the game), In the end, it became the determination to send Okabe back. Does she not want to be by his side? No, who doesn't want to be with their lover? Does she not want to monopolize his love? Probably not, who wants to have the shadow of others in their hearts? It's just that she is as soft-hearted as her, unwilling to let him be in a dilemma, unwilling to see him sink in the sea of ​​guilt, even if the price of all this is his own disappearance forever. The last kiss was an expression of relief - those who love deeply have no complaints, no regrets, and no self.

Whether it's a game or an animation, this part is amazing, I'm blown away. In contrast (it may also be preconceived), I prefer this part of the game. Fans have time to watch it (Oath 1) and enjoy the performances of the seiyuu. I really cried from beginning to end, not a joke.

Next is the game spoiler, watch it carefully  ̄  ̄)σ

The text message sent by the assistant in the game is not to tell me not to go back. According to the speculation of a great god I have seen before, it should be a text message to terminate the research of amadeus, because the mobile phone software disappeared after Okabe returned, and the world line is of course far from destiny. The Stone Gate is closer. As for why the assistant could think of posting this, it can only be said that because the genius girl sees the novel, she can figure out that Okabe jumped back in a few words, and can find the trigger event of the jumper in a short period of time (your assistant is worthy of you assistant), it's amazing. The animation has made a lot of adaptations, simplifying this part of the plot, weakening the original sense of suspense and the IQ of the genius girl god, and strengthening the fetters between the characters.

Although the completeness of the game is not good enough, and the reason for the change of the world line depends on guessing, but this reunion in the game is really heartwarming, tears are shed, and you can feel that the hearts of the two are slowly being broken in the sweetness. After the two Aojiao met, they didn't reminisce about the past, nor did they kiss, they hurriedly clarified the ins and outs of the matter and decided to separate again. The time was tight, and the conversation between the two only revolved around whether or not to go back, and there was no mention of AI and Maho. Okabe went back, and the big reason was because Kurisu hoped so much. Let the world line change, whether to stay or not is still a trade-off between two little lovers. This part of the animation involves barrels and discusses AI. At least after seeing Mayuri's tomb, Gang Lun realized that he couldn't face it and moved back. Feel the difference between games and animation.

Therefore, the animation's depiction of the relationship between the two is actually not as concentrated as the game's expressiveness, and the portrayed affection is not as classical and pure as the game. In the end, it must be sublimated by kissing and magic transformation. In contrast, although this part of the game is short, the portrayal is classic, and the skill is all about details, which is very in line with the two arrogant characters. Across countless world lines, Gang Lun, who still remembers what coffee his assistant likes to drink, and an assistant who understands Okabe's situation in a few words. Gang Lun's lunatic mental activities ("Everything about her is so lovable... I'm sure again when I come here, I like her") and the stubbornness of her mouth is unwilling to admit it, Kurisu pretends to be relaxed The phrase "Forget me" and Okabe could not hide the loss after agreeing, the eyes crossed when the two sat side by side, and the crying voices they tried to endure, were infinitely close to the characters of the two! Cuter than kissing.

In fact, from the first season of TV to the theatrical version, to the sequel, it can be seen that these two arrogant ways of falling in love are long and clumsy persistence amid difficulties, twists and turns and misunderstandings. They usually accompany each other and protect each other at critical moments. Thinking about it, only such a restrained and classical love can be worthy of such a huge and rich space-time theme. Anyway, these two are really cute!

"More" and re-read what I wrote, I actually don't understand what the hell I'm talking about in the last paragraph. deleted.

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