From middle school to middle school youth, from Shishimen to Shishimen 0

Brett 2022-09-27 09:19:08

Stone Gate 0 is a game developed to fill in the pit of Stone Gate HE ending, and then adapt TV animation. Of course, this is a personal understanding.

At that time, Steins;Gate just released the TV animation reviews, until the second half of the story began to exert force, and the popularity skyrocketed instantly. There were many new stalks of Steins;Gate circulating on the Internet, and many middle-2 teenagers followed the middle-2 teenager Okabe Lun. Taro calls himself a "brooch" together, and many people regard the mouth fetish "dudulu" that coriander gives Mayuri's magical character as a popular oral fetish. With the end of the Stone Gate, Luntaro finally arrived at the Stone Gate line and lived a happy life with his sisters. Everyone also regarded the Stone Gate as a classic.

As a person who was chasing after watching Shishimen at the time, after the plot broke out, I was on pins and needles every week, and every episode shook my nerves. If I feel this way again, it should be time to watch two seasons of Westworld.

When I learned about the release date of Stonegate 0, I was looking forward to it, and I kept an eye on its dynamics from time to time. Until it was finally released, I didn't get it. The reason is not that there is no host or other. I just feel that I can't imagine how gloomy and decadent the failed fierce plot will be in that future without assistants. It was not until today that I completed Shishimen 0 and recorded the mood at the moment.

I was still a middle school student when I was chasing Shitou Mun, and now I am half-stepped into the society, facing the deadline for the postgraduate entrance examination, and the pressure is oppressing my nerves invisibly, so I decided to give myself a day off, thinking about it, I don’t know why Just looked at Stone Gate 0. The first episode was very unfamiliar to me. It didn't feel like watching the sequel. Now I think about it because Rentaro is no longer a real man, so when the plot came to Rantaro to pick up the second illness again, I was overwhelmed with excitement. Tears came, and every time I inserted the stone door OP, I was very emotional.

Let’s talk about the ending of Stone Gate 0. Many people think that there is a bug. In fact, the ending is not the real ending in the game. After riding the time-space machine in the game, he was lost in the long river of time and did not find Dudulu and the working warrior. TV animation is to make up for this regret, so it was changed to fierce and found them. But can you really save them if you find them? Obviously not. When Xiezhen started in 2025, the young working warriors were still there. If the lost working warriors in BC18000 returned, it would inevitably lead to a time paradox. We can only think that the TV ending was Xiezhen and found Dudulu. and working soldiers, but got lost on the way back. There is also a reason why it is impossible to HE in the beta world line. Xiezhen himself will be restrained and die in 2025 in the beta line. Although Xiezhen let himself die in the form of deception, the Stone Gate line was also successfully realized in the form of deception, but it was only then that the world line was changed. So Xiezhen either lived with the worker warriors and Dudulu at some point, just like the worker warriors in the stone gate "failed, failed, failed, failed". Or, Xiezhen really brought back the working soldiers and Dudulu, but when he went back, because of Xiezhen's move, the world line changed again and reached an unknown new world line in order to avoid the time paradox. Of course, after the ending of the TV animation, this is left blank for people to imagine, but I checked the ending in the game but it is a tragic ending.

Having said so much, perhaps we are just like Fierce Zhen. The middle-2 teenagers who looked at Shishimen back then no longer exist and are no longer middle-2 after experiencing all kinds of setbacks. It's like me who is suffering from the future, but the only difference is that we don't have a time jumping machine, we can't send D-MAIL and D-RINE, and we don't have a real evil eye, which can save the memory of the world line after the change. In reality, we only have one life in our lives, we can't come back if we fail, and there is no chance of redress if we regret it. We are like giving up the fierceness after the time machine, and we can only continue our life in the future with all kinds of feelings about the past. We envy Rentaro's ability to have the opportunity to become a villain again, and we envy the time machine. But we are past the age of being emotional, of finding solace in virtual stories. Today, I see three points in Shishimen 0: 1. The middle school 2 is sick and the chicken is ashamed; 2. It’s good for a group of girls to surround the academic bully; 3. Live in the present, not stick to the past, and be forever for the future Be optimistic.

Respectfully! Really madscientist! ——The Phoenix Academy is fierce! The world line will definitely reach the Gate of Steinsstones because of your current change! My magic eye saw it! Saw the laziness now! The horrible world created! what--! Labmen.001! spread! Fight! EL-psy-congroo! (Human words: No nonsense, it's time to continue reviewing)

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