Destiny is a spiral of reincarnation

Shyanne 2022-09-20 05:28:09

When I watched the first season, I was still very young with this anime, and I used to be like a real man, arrogantly thinking that the world can be changed because of me. If one person makes absolute efforts, at least the world can be changed a little. , even 1%.

When I watched the second season, I grew up with this anime, and I understood why Okabe was always unhappy. I seemed to see myself in Okabe's sullen eyes, wandering, hesitating, guilt, escaping. , until numbness.

The α world line and the β world line represent two kinds of tragedies. In the middle, there is also the final road of Steins Gate.

In the first season, despite countless times of misery and failure, redemption was finally ushered in.

In the second season, Okabe no longer holds out hope, recognizes his own scope of ability, and after missing the Gate of Destiny Stone, he has to understand his belonging and know how to let go in order to embrace the present.

In our life, most of us are pursuing Steins;Gate, every decision we make is rewriting the future, and the memory of the past will affect our decision. It is a pity that opportunities are fleeting. Even if time can be repeated, no one can predict that the future is indeed what he expects. Instead of being surrounded by cognitive errors, it is better to see yourself clearly, redeem yourself, and understand your limitations as soon as possible Where can we have a clear position and do what we can.

When Okabe and Christina kissed goodbye, they were saying goodbye to the other self.

Is it the reason of truth, or Hong Lixi, this is the separation of life.

The reason for truth is the avenue and goal of our life, and Honglixi is the beautiful scenery on this road.

Sometimes life will make a joke with you. For example, on the road to becoming a musician, a teenager likes to play basketball, but he can't sing and dance rap at the same time, and he has to make a choice in the future.

Indecision is the end of the second season. No matter which world line you return to, you will be scarred and you have to take guilt and move forward.

In the first season, the gate of Steinsstone, which is as precious as a mirage in the desert, is an extremely rare opportunity. Once you miss it, you can only accept the reality. As for all living beings, most people have to accept the reality. Most people care about their own reasons for truth. As for Hong Lixi, it was originally an episode. It doesn’t matter if you miss it. care about having.

But there are also people who will struggle with fate to the end, and are even willing to give up their own reasons for truth and find their own Hong Lixi.

Can you say that such a person is stupid?

It's quite stupid, but he was standing high on the tower that day, holding the fairy in his arms

The fairy said, "Look, that man looks like a dog."

What's wrong with being a dog?

This dog has the most emotional story ever,

is a good dog

Whether it is the Supreme Treasure or Okabe, they understand their own trajectory, and they do not want to be obsessed with this spiral, reincarnation, and endless senseless.

In the mortal world, people are the agglomeration of desires

No one can be their own god, playing with time is just to accept the harsher reality

Instead of grappling with success or failure, let go of the moment

At least, Okabe still has his own reasons for truth. He met a Kurisu of his own in a dream.

She can feel his pain, and she feels his grief equally

Only regret is eternal,

Only pain is the most unforgettable

The furthest distance in the world is this,

If you can't cross the road, then take it as a photo,

Framed into a picture, always installed in the deepest part of my heart

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