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write two simple strokes

1. Many new characters have been added. However, these characters did not play a big role in the plot, there was no foreshadowing or foreshadowing, or even made up the plot for the sake of making up the plot. For example, two really reasonable cosplay friends, such as female professor Reyes. These secondary characters are not overly drawn. Especially the bonfire, is it just a character added to explain the existence of a nursery rhyme?

2. Because it is adapted from the game again, a lot of game memes have been added instead of game players do not understand. For example, after being attacked at the research institute, Awanyin Yuji said that her hand was bruised and her behavior was suspicious. I always remember this pit, I thought it would be filled in later to explain, maybe she turned black in the new world line or something. , the result has not been said. See someone explain that she was replaced by bonfire in the game?

3. I thought the discussion on artificial intelligence would be more in-depth, but it didn't. In 2018, artificial intelligence is in the ascendant, and it should be discussed in more depth, and there have been a lot of works on artificial intelligence before, "AI", "Her" and so on. In the animation, the explanation of artificial intelligence is unclear, the formation mechanism, what age is this, and the computer is so developed? In other sci-fi works, such as in Black Mirror, this kind of artificial intelligence is completed on the basis of a certain level of technological development. How do you simulate brain signals? How powerful is the computer?

Then if you don't care about how it came about, after all, the time machine was created. But the discussion of artificial intelligence itself is far from enough. Does this Amadeus have self-awareness? Can you think independently? Think of yourself as a human or a virtual being? Obey or disobey people's orders? Is it a robot? Do you obey the Three Laws of Robotics? How to possess memory while processing memory and answering new questions flexibly? How to generate feelings? ? There is no mention in the animation. What we see is just a virtual anchor that stores the past memories of the assistant and can chat.

The story of the animation is nothing more than that the assistant dies, and Xie Zhen encounters the AI ​​that stores the assistant's past memories, and then pines his feelings on the assistant on it, and the two develop feelings for each other. In the end, ai becomes a clone but independent existence independent of the assistant. The relationship between her and the real assistant is only that she has a common memory, but she will react, think and speak according to the same thinking mode. However, it is independent, and the shared experience with the fierce real is unique. The topic I want to extend here is the ethical issue of artificial intelligence clones, which also challenges the theory of memory: if having a coherent memory is the criterion for human existence, what about the partial memory? Is it more than the memory to determine the winner?

4. The previous plot was too procrastinated, and it didn't reach its climax until the sixteenth episode. The front is either a happy and harmonious family reunion for Christmas or a family reunion for the New Year. Of course, the plot needs to have tension and relaxation, and the tension should be adjusted. It can't be loose in the front and tight in the back, right? And although the back is very depressing and heavy, you can't put the joy of adjustment in the front, right?

Of course, I know the plot needs it. One is to provide sufficient foreshadowing and foreshadowing, and the other is to form a contrast with the cruel future, highlighting the satisfaction and protection of the current life, and the self-isolation that is unwilling to change the world line to change the future.

5. Sacrifice Sacrifice and blood make me think I'm watching "Youth Jump", One Piece Hokage and the like: Ah, I want to protect my fetters, protect my friends, and protect this hard-won happiness and peace! Protect the best of everyone! what!

6. The first season or this article's worldview structure and the theory of world line changes and endings have been set. 0 articles are more like rumors and explanations, and do not add too many science fiction theories, so they are not too hard-core. , and there is no surprise that this article introduces the world view and theoretical background for the first time. The first season is about science fiction, and the second season is about plot.

7. I finally completed the image of Dudulu. Just reading this article, you will only think what kind of silly white sweet is this? Only 0 articles supplemented the image, although the routine is a bit old-fashioned.

8. The villain is always the person closest to you, this is what the two seasons told us

9. In essence, it is still a small circle. For "all さん"! In order to protect such a beautiful daily life!

I always feel that the characters are a bit flat, not so much flat as too sublime. Sacrifice after scramble. Contradictions are few, almost nonexistent, and submissive. Dudulu and his assistant will not be jealous, they will endure when they are jealous, and then sacrifice themselves to help others. Ahh!

10. Although the assistant is the setting of the arrogant character, this setting is very common and common. It was originally a cute character that became vulgar because of the flooding. But it still touches my heart to see the assistant choose sacrifice many times. Does this kind of ordinary beauty have the most profound appreciation and aesthetic value only after it is lost and torn apart?

11. Fierce is the real man. The time and space jumped thousands of times, and each time they suffered huge mental torment and pain, and the average person would definitely collapse. It is said that the endless August Nagato Yuki feels lonely and lonely, but how is the pain level compared to the fierceness?

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