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Ulises 2022-10-06 17:36:35

The introduction of this one was originally intended to be the icing on the cake, but it seems to have added a little bit of logic. At the end of the beta line, what line did Okabe bring Mayuri and Suzuha to? Steins;Gate? If so, then there are two Okabes on the Steins;Gate line. In other words, Steins;Gate is just a summary of this kind of line, not just one. Finally, the barrel mentioned that Suzuha is no longer in the original beta line, which is possible, and the statement of the beta line may also be a collection of multiple lines. But the question is how can Suzuha have the memory of the original beta line, and how can she have the memory of the future Mayuri, because the time machine on this line has been destroyed by Mayuri (though no body has been found). After all, Suzuha doesn't have the ability to detect fate. Some places feel superfluous. For example, after the first attack to grab the bonfire, there is a scene where Yuji's hand injury makes people suspect that Yuji is wearing a helmet. This may have some extra plot in the game, but it is completely unnecessary in the animation. Kemei has the ability to detect fate but does not provide any help in the development of the plot. These places should be derived from the game, but a good animation should not only respect the plot of the original game, but also focus on its own main line and delete unnecessary plots.

In addition, the introduction of artificial intelligence always feels like accepting the benefits of the idea of ​​artificial intelligence, regardless of its impact. Amadeus has absolutely no desires of its own. The beginning of the plot mentioned that its memory can be written back to the human body. After the appearance of the camp, I thought there would be a plot to write the memory of Amadeus into the camp. But it still makes sense.

Mayuri is beyond cute. Dudulu!

I'll add it after I've played the game.

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