A pervert from the palace - pursuing the pleasure of a girl screaming in pain

Hilbert 2022-10-25 21:48:58

It's not at the same level as Love 1. The story of the hero and heroine in 1 can be attractive, while 2 is an extremely boring story. A perverted man had a dream and dreamed of a god. After he got the revelation, he left the palace. Then he lured the call girls to his place to bind his hands and feet, and beat them with a sword-like weapon made of two pieces of iron. He finds pleasure in hearing their screams of pain, and finally kills them, dismembers them, and throws them into an abandoned well not far from home. The story of being killed by the male lead at the end. boring. It is recommended that you don't watch it if you haven't seen it. If you want to be bloody and not bloody, take it with one stroke. Want porn without porn. Let's take a look at 1.

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  • Arjun V. Bhaagwat: If there's anything before and after God, its wealth, treasure and money!