Pass it

Ethel 2022-09-18 17:10:48

Handsome guys and beauties, the plot is okay, the story is not bad, the episodes are wonderful, basically it is pleasing to watch, as a standard Indian romance film, the passing score is at least some.

But there are a few places that I think I can talk a little bit about.

The film adheres to the consistent level of Indian films in terms of narrative, and there is no major flaw. The male protagonist is a landlord family, and the female protagonist is a capitalist family. Compared with lower castes such as Dalits, they are all figures in the cloud. Of course, landlords are not enough in the eyes of capitalists, otherwise the male owner would not feel inferior at the female owner's house because he can't speak English. But the heroine was ruthlessly despised in the male protagonist's house because of her status as a woman, so she fled away sadly. After all kinds of experiences, the lovers of the strong finally get married.

This should be made into a pure love movie. It's over for men and women. Don't talk about women's status, social class, etc., it's neither painful nor itchy, nondescript. This movie is not as profound as "White Tiger", and it is not as down-to-earth as "Toilet Revolution", there is an embarrassing feeling of floating in the air at a loss.

In the final analysis, the issue of the status of women directly reflects the situation of social progress. The society with low status of women is all feudal society with serious remnants, or even the situation of feudal society directly. This is exactly the case in India. The landowners have the final say in the vast rural areas, while the big compradors and big capitalists have the final say in the big cities. Neither of the two classes agrees with the other, and the political establishment is the front line of the game. Whether you come to me is exciting or not, even in the country, it is still actively provoking border conflicts. Therefore, based on the current social situation and the background of the investors, this movie will definitely not be able to make any new tricks. Just a little bit of water, to let the people know the effect of "Look, I am so sharp, I dare to shoot anything, I am the conscience of the entertainment industry" and so on, that's all.

When watching Indian movies, my personal mentality is the same as when Westerners watched "Red Sorghum". To put it bluntly, it is a curiosity. Take a look at the primitive social style there, and ponder its most down-to-earth and most simple interpersonal relationships and emotions, that's good. High-rise buildings are the same everywhere in the world, and Starbucks has the same taste all over the world. I can't even see my own country, how can I still have the time to see the Indian people?

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