The industrial level is enough but the plot is not good

Guido 2022-09-18 21:43:08

When I watched it, I had to sigh at the maturity of the Indian film industry. Although the love part in the front of this film is a bit cliché, it has no other shortcomings. The song is good, the picture is good, and the emotion is in place. When I saw it in the middle, I thought that this movie was both romantic and realistic. I was married and divorced. I saw the short comment about licking the dog and licking it to the end. I thought that the male and female protagonists would not be together in the end, and I also felt that such a missed love was not bad. Then it crashes.

The whole movie is licking the dog to the end. The story behind is not good, mainly because the female protagonist is really not good. The mother of the male protagonist is right, she is really irresponsible. And after looking at it, I can't even say that I love the male protagonist, but I can only be moved by the male protagonist. First, the male protagonist was hanging with him, but he didn't want to be a girlfriend. It was a bit shameless to be able to say who half of his girlfriends were. It's just that you're just my licking dog. My future is just a joke, I go to school and drop out. Treat marriage as a child's play, and marriage is also divorce. Treat the feelings of the male protagonist as a plaything, and the male protagonist should bear the shadow of the parents. But after her divorce, she ran over to hang the male lead again. Facing the male lead's efforts, she never wanted to go further. I never planned to marry the male protagonist, so I ran away in the face of doubts from the male protagonist's mother. If I thought about getting married, I would not consider my parents' issues, and I could fight for it. Do you really plan to be a lover who can't sleep with the male protagonist for the rest of your life? This time, she also abandoned her own parents, and she has no conscience. Her parents have provided everything, wealth education family social circle. Her husband is carefully selected, her parents must have provided a lot of high-quality men for her to choose from, and she is not responsible. Even my husband is too lazy to choose. She is also willing to get married, and I don't believe her parents are so tough that they don't even allow her to get married after reading the book, so she must be happy. Just screw everything up and don't criticize it. Poor parental relationship is bad for this daughter. I can't stand the parental relationship and I can't help myself. Just walked away without saying a word, and pretended to be sick? Impressed. If you want to break up and leave, take it seriously, don't say you like to leave, don't say you don't like it when you are together, just hang like this, knowing that the male protagonist is licking the dog and arranging the missing game? It's irresponsible, anyway, arrange the death news. The male protagonist is also infected, and he is no longer responsible for his own identity and mother. Before college, they were ideals. After graduation, they abandoned their family and mother. This is not a worthwhile thing to elope.

In the end, the two were together. I'm happy for the male lead, but also feel that the female lead is unworthy. Because the back is so licked that I can't stand it anymore. I feel sorry for the male protagonist. So the ending is forgettable, you can do whatever you want. Anyway, nothing can change you. Since there is a chance to find the heroine for treatment, go to her. Otherwise, what else can be done, maybe the mood of the male protagonist's friend is similar. Of course, there is another sense of loss that the heroine is not really dead. There is no reason for the female lead to change in the end, and the front is irresponsible. When you meet in New York, you feel that the male lead is the real one? But there is no way, the screenwriter's filming for the male lead is too licking, and it can't be closed without this. This heroine is too different from the heroine of A Tale of Two Cities in the courtship of the same male lead. What kind of independent woman can say that she eloped for love, but she is reluctant to give up her parents for her family. I can rack my brains for marriage, get along seriously, enjoy the male lead's contribution, and be willing to make some compromises for the male lead for this relationship. What the hell.

Let's talk about the advantages and interesting points after the disadvantages are finished. I still like Indian films' sense of social mission, as long as they don't talk too much. This amount is just right. The pursuit of girls' right to go to school is very realistic, and the problem of toilets is a persistent problem. Although the hope is placed on international funds rather than local people or the government, this is also a good direction and change. Only women who go to school will have families who are willing to let their daughters go to school. There are also rich Indians who have immigrated. It is true that rich people do not build toilets for people in a country. There are no songs and dances in the whole movie. I have fallen in love with Indian songs and dances now, and the heroines are also very good-looking. All the heroines of Indian movies are not good-looking. It’s a pity that there is no dancing, but the songs are still very good. The slot or interesting place in the movie is Bill Gates. I also recognize it when I find an actor to play it. It is too funny to add special effects to people. Nothing else. From the beginning to the middle, it is all four-star, but unfortunately the heroine and the plot behind it have deducted points.

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