I tore off the last page of the book just to say goodbye to you [Spoiler 705]

Jeff 2022-07-16 18:04:15

Sherlock Holmes is a human trying to be a god. Doctor Who is a god trying to be human.
-Steven Moffat

This is after the opening of 705, when Amy and Doctor are studying on the bridge and Rory goes to get coffee, I think the first sentence.
Besides me lying on the sofa in the common room, there were two girls chatting in broken English, so I lowered my voice a little bit so as not to disturb them. Although Matt's Bei'an accent is recognizable, the dialogue is still a little unclear. I just made do with my lunch box and watched while eating.
Amy put on his reading glasses. Rory's hands showed dry wrinkles. It's just that the Doctor hasn't changed. He's always young and lively. Before meeting his wife, River, he has to wipe his hair against the Tardis nameplate to see if he's in good shape.
Time slips away little by little, in the fingers of the angels, in the shuttle of Tardis, in episode after episode.
"Never let him see you getting old," River advised his mother, who looked about his age. ——Because the Doctor only grows older, but never grows old.
But human beings, old, sick, and dead, are doomed from the moment of birth.
How many people, like Sarah Jane, burned their lives for the Doctor. How many people are like Amy, the first time is a lifetime.
The power of the three will eventually come to an end, and there is no lasting feast in the world.

Doctor hates endings, and that's said at the very beginning of episode 705. When I saw it, I couldn't help but think, if it was Judai, there shouldn't be such a performance. Although I hate to compare the tenth generation with the eleventh generation, at this time, it seems to be no better.
The Doctor of Judai is a god, especially when his song is about to end. Throughout the whole process, he was in charge of life and death to arrange the fate of everyone, he let his human avatar stay with Rose in the parallel world, he cleared Donna's memory in order to prevent her from going mad, and when he left, he gave everyone "the most". A good ending", even if this ending is actually extremely bitter, some people will like it.
The Doctor of the eleventh generation is a god who wants to be human. He has two hearts, and he knows the big things and small things in the universe, but he is capricious like a human being and has a limited selfishness. He felt sorry for River and healed her hand with the energy of his rebirth. He wanted to keep Amy and Rory as safe as possible, and he didn't want his friend to leave. In order not to see the ending, he tore off the last page of the book, but the ending came suddenly and caught him off guard.
Journey's End is the magic of God.
The Angels Take Manhattan is human helplessness.
We love watching the magic of God, it's brilliant, ingenious and yet weaving into a beautiful story that gives everyone what they deserve.
But more often, the dust and impurities overflowing in our lives are inherently helpless and unavoidable.
That's why I sometimes prefer people. God is too high and out of reach, but man is so real, even cruel.
Besides, aliens are also human. Otherwise, it might as well be called "Alien God".

Amelia in 705 is the most determined female travel companion I've ever met. She and Rory jumped a building to create a paradox [I was still laughing at that time, how much you love the big jumping bridge! ], and chose to follow Rory to be taken away by the angel, no matter what happened, she always stood by Rory's side. There was a fixed pointer in her heart, not only because she later had River and became the Doctor's mother-in-law, but also because she had always loved Rory, even before she became the Doctor's mother-in-law.
Hey, who said Amy Pond couldn't live without a man? From start to finish, I just saw her dying. She knows who she loves and what kind of company she wants, and she doesn't have those innocent fantasies. Even with time travel, she has always maintained her independence, although she has Doctor as her belief.
Amelia Pond waited half her life for a chance for a miracle to happen.
I think that for the rest of her life, even if there is no Doctor, at least she will be happy. Because she has Rory.
When the miracle disappears, the truth that remains is still warm.

I couldn't help crying in front of the TV when the Doctor read the last words Amy wrote to him, and the camera cut back to that year when little Amelia sat in her suitcase and waited quietly. The two girls had already left, and no one saw my embarrassment, but I felt that the whole annexe heard my cry.
The last time I cried so bitterly was probably at the farewell ceremony for the remains of my junior high school classmates. I cried heart-to-heart in the crowd that day, but no one came to persuade me—everyone was crying, not bothering to hug each other and wipe their tears.
Amelia's story is finished, how does the Doctor continue? River finally said, "Don't travel alone" - yeah, how can Amelia travel alone for so long?
But we all know that stories like this will be repeated over and over again, even if it's the traveler's curse.
After all, there is no lasting feast in the world.

No seaside meeting. No family grief. No mental runaway. Only Amy made a choice and disappeared, leaving a line of words on the tombstone and a page of afterwords.
The moment I tore off the last page of the book, I didn't know it was to say goodbye to you.
I tore off the last page of the book just to say goodbye to you.
Farewell, Amelia Pond and Rory Williams.


ps Fat Mo, did I stop so many in the middle considering that I had to apply for a doctorate well... My life has fallen into darkness again.

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