[Small spoilers] Procrastinators rushed their papers to the middle of the night and complained frantically (I'll sort it out after I wake up...)

Salvador 2022-07-16 22:17:46

It was originally written in the discussion area, but I couldn't control it and wrote too much, because the paper is emotional, please forgive me, I put it here as an outline, and I will come back to organize my ideas after I finish the paper....

After reading this TBC The story, I feel that there are three episodes in the second half that are not bad. Two of the episodes 06 and 13 were written by SM, and I forgot who wrote the other episode. But my resentment for SM is too deep to give him high marks, because he has always been accurate on the few points I can't bear every time since the second season.

1. Make a fool of yourself, dig a big hole and won't fill it, and finally reveal an answer that leaves people with black lines.

2. The concept of time and space is too arbitrary and has no rules and restrictions, and does not care about the logical integrity. It will be a miracle if you can be consistent with yourself one day. Too painful for an OCD who feels stabbed every time he sees a logical loophole.

3. Sensational, the emotional lines of the main characters are extremely awkward. Brother, if you don't know the effect of sensationalizing through a large number of lines without foreshadowing and logic, please go out and turn left to consult Aunt Qiong Yao. I don't understand why there must be a love line. If you don't die, you won't die, if you don't feel sensational, you won't...

4. Doctor has a weird personality and keeps dancing (it's nothing to do with Matt, he's not easy).

5. Solve problems by speaking and hanging. The last look me up on the 10th in the library is very embarrassing, what did you do earlier, everyone is dead, and you look handsome when you think about it; 501, the end of season 5 and several episodes that I can't remember in seasons 5 and 6, and I won't say much about the speech episodes in the second half of season 7. SM is such a simple and beautiful young man in your heart, cosmic time and star boss. You can say whatever you say and they will believe it, right? .

At the end of the seventh season, this one can only be looked up at a 45-degree angle... (But in all fairness I like this one, because Clara finally doesn't act like a piece of paper, pouting and staring at everything. Oh, she was scared to cry~~ Sure enough, my heart softened when the girl cried.... But such a soft girl who was almost killed by GI now, after becoming a lot of N copies How did the combat power skyrocket and get the GI literally in minutes...)

6. There is no feeling for the so-called tribute. The hero does not mention the bravery of the year (the same applies to the previous point), and it takes a lot of pathetic to need to pay for it. It's not a high school politics class. Is it interesting to always worship the previous one? . . Is it time to dig for inspiration from the ode to the Book of Songs next time? . Finally let me speak...

7. Reuse the same meme (one of the specific expressions of 5). Is timey wimey really that interesting, brother, can you think about whether there are more than three episodes without timey wimey in the series you wrote? Wouldn't that be too lazy? Now your brothers have also learned, and they all start to diverge regardless of the consequences, because timey wimey is so useful, the previous spoofing and the last night are all resolved before liberation. Can't help but remind me of the narrations of those mentally ill people in college, all kinds of wonderful dangers that are persecuted by the biggest party in the universe and hit by the gamma particle flow, they are born with timey wimey. Do you really compete and don't worry about your seat?

And if the angels can stop appearing, and then evolve, they will simply evolve spherical angels and quantify everyone, so that the world will be peaceful and there will be no more entanglement. .

8. The most annoying thing is the idea that the audience is just for fun, and there is no sincerity to communicate with the audience. If you feel that you have to use all kinds of pits to tease others because you are a little smarter, then don't complain that the audience with higher IQ will come back and pick on it. Bukowski's words for you: "The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence."

Actually, I originally wanted to praise SM in a fake fashion. . . As expected, I'm still a pattern Tucson and I won't lie. . .

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